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The OFFICIAL Picture Thread

Old 11-30-2009
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The OFFICIAL Picture Thread

so with all this talk about having one i got tired of reading about it.. and everyone seemed like it was a good idea so i thought i'd start one.. .. so here you go guys... Im actually following through with it Vonhanson !!!! haha... Also let's stick to current pictures. we already have a before and after pic thread, so we dont need to see a stock truck.. cause stock sucks!!!

Rules/Guidelines are as follows:

Please copy, paste, and fill this out in your post:

Model/Trim Pkg:
2wd or 4x4:
Suspension setup: (bodylifts would be mentioned here)

            I'll start with my jalopie. yup so i hate my STOCK truck!!! cuz we all know stock sucks..

            Year: 1993
            Model: Ford Ranger XLT 4x4
            2wd or 4wd: electronic push button 4wd crap
            Suspension: stock, no lift
            Wheels: only god knows (not sure haha)
            Tires: 235/7515 stockers (1 bald one and 3 good ones haha)

            Name:  FordRanger011.jpg
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Size:  225.2 KB
            Name:  FordRanger003.jpg
Views: 6336
Size:  212.5 KB

            according to Shane's rules I have one more picture I can post so here's a 3/4 rear shot.
            Name:  FordRanger010.jpg
Views: 6272
Size:  275.8 KB

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            I'll get some non-flex shots soon.
            Model:XLT 4x4
            Suspension:Maxed T-bars
            Wheels:Stock Edge/FX4
            Tires:33x11.50 Nitto Terra Grapplers
            Name:  SoftCover018.jpg
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            Name:  SoftCover020.jpg
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            ROFL you said stock sucks...then you posted a stock truck!

            Model: Ranger XLT 4.0 2WD
            Suspension setup: rear lowered via leafs.
            Wheels: Center Line
            Tires: Kumho KR21 225/70
            Pics taken before new tires, but they look about the same.
            Name:  colestruck017.jpg
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            Name:  colestruck016.jpg
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            Name:  colestruck010.jpg
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            Yay for a thread! keep posts Related and please PM any questions. ha

            please feel free to post again if something noticable changes.

            Year: 1999
            Model: Ranger XLT 4x4
            Suspension setup: Stock
            Wheels: Stock
            Tires:235/75/15 wranger rt/s

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            Posts: 2,120
            Year: 1987
            Model: Ranger XL
            Suspension setup: dirt track race springs up front (stiff as hell)...2 inch blocks in rear
            Wheels: Cragar SS
            Tires: 225-70-R14

            Name:  DSCN0151.jpg
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            Year: 1996
            Model: Ranger XLT
            Suspension setup: Stock
            Wheels: 2003 FX4 16" 5 spokes
            Tires: 245-70-R16

            Name:  meet2012.jpg
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            Name:  meet2013.jpg
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            Name:  meet2011.jpg
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            Year: 1992
            Model: Ranger STX 4x4
            Suspension setup: TTB Skyjacker 6 inch Lift Front, AAL and 2 Inch lift shackles rear, 3 inch Body Lift
            Wheels: 15x10 Cragar Soft 8s
            Tires: 35x12.50 Mud Kings

            Name:  DSC00123-1.jpg
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            Name:  DSC00125-1.jpg
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            Posts: 438
            Year: 08
            Model: XL
            Suspension setup: 3.5" Fabtech spindle lift
            Wheels: 15" stock rims painted black
            Tires: 31/15/10.5 BFG A/T
            Name:  DSCN0796.jpg
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            Name:  DSCN0795.jpg
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            Posts: 21,721
            Year: 2001
            Model/Trim Pkg: XLT impersonating an '03 Fx4 Level II
            2wd or 4x4: 4x4
            Suspension setup: Front: 4" Superlift. Rear: Stock 2.5" blocks, Belltech 6400 shackles, Procomp Short AAL. 3" Bodylift.
            Wheels: 15x10 ProComp Xtreme Steel 52 series w/ 4" backspace
            Tires: 35x12.50R15 BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM

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            Posts: 3,585
            Year: 2001
            Model/Trim Pkg: XLT Offroad
            2wd or 4x4: 4x4
            Suspension setup: stock with torsion bar crank to level it
            Wheels: 15" X 8" Mickey Thomson Classic II's
            Tires: 31" X 10.5" BFG AT's
            Name:  myford.jpg
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            Name:  dirtyhauler.jpg
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Size:  248.8 KB

            Year: 2001
            Model/Trim Pkg: XLT Offroad
            2wd or 4x4: 4x4
            Suspension setup: 5.5" RCD coilover suspension lift with custom fabricated leveling brackets in the front to equal approx 6.5" of lift
            Wheels: 15" X 8" Mickey Thomson classic locks. locks rings powdercoated to match truck
            Tires: 33" X 12.5" BFG KM2's

            Name:  103_1815.jpg
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            Name:  103_1926.jpg
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            Name:  103_1925.jpg
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            Posts: 997
            Year: 2001
            Model / trim package: Edge
            2wd or 4X4: 4X4
            Suspension setup: stock suspension with torsion bar crank / 3 inch body lift
            Wheels: 15X8 Mickey Thompson Classic II's
            Tires: 32X11X15 BF Goodrich KM2 Mud Terrain

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            Posts: 253
            Year: 2002
            Model/Trim Pkg: 2dr SC Edge base model - lots of mods
            2wd or 4x4: 2wd
            Suspension setup: Cranked FX4 torsion bars and FX4 rear springs
            Wheels: 16" Off Road 5 spoke
            Tires: BFG A/T KO 255/70/16

            I have two sets of head/side/tail lamps as well as side mirrors and change them at will...

            Name:  Ranger4808.jpg
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            Name:  WithlacoocheeForest5708009.jpg
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            Name:  02RangerFX.jpg
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            Location: NC
            Posts: 3,779
            Year: 2006
            Model/Trim Pkg: XLT Supercab 4x4 2 door
            2wd or 4x4: 4WD
            Suspension setup: Stock
            Wheels: 2001 Level II Alcoas 15x7s
            Tires: BFG A/T KO 31x10.5

            Name:  Clean008.jpg
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            Name:  Truck009.jpg
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            Location: austin, TX
            Posts: 1,252
            Year: 2002
            Model/Trim Pkg: Edge
            Suspension setup: Blocks and shackles in the rear and spindles up front
            Wheels: 15x8
            Tires: 33x1250x15 BFG KM2

            Name:  4.jpg
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            Name:  5.jpg
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            Name:  DSC_9237.jpg
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            Posts: 68
            1996 Xlt w/3.0l repainted super duty blue and grey
            3 inch body lift
            15x8 Devino type 349
            33x12.5R15 Cooper stt's

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            Location: Bryan, TX
            Posts: 3
            Year: 2005
            Model/Trim Pkg: 4DR SuperCab EDGE 3.0V6
            2wd or 4x4: 2WD
            Suspension setup: Stock
            Wheels: 16" Stock
            Tires: 235/70R16

            Basically fully stock, but I've only had it for 2 weeks. This weekend I gave it a full wash/ScratchX/claybar/NXTwax, added Bushwacker bedrail caps, a new Alpine head unit, and replaced the factory speakers. Next, I'm waffling between a lowpro Kobalt box (painted black) or a tonneau. I plan to get better tires (bigger?) the next time it needs a set. Not sure what else I'll do to it, but I'm sure the forum will convince me to keep modding! ;-)

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            Posts: 7,535
            Year: 2003
            Model/Trim Pkg: EDGE
            2wd or 4x4: 4x4
            Suspension setup: SAS
            Wheels: 15x10 Eagle 186s
            Tires: 35x12.50 MTZs

            Name:  DSC01555.jpg
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            Name:  DSC01562.jpg
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            Name:  DSC01619.jpg
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            Location: ***
            Posts: 2,099
            Year: 1993
            Model/Trim Pkg: XLT
            2wd or 4x4: 4x4
            Suspension setup: 3" body lift -- Skyjacker leveling coils
            Wheels: 15x8 Pro Comp
            Tires: 33x12.50 BFG A/T

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            Location: Lewistown, Mo
            Posts: 1,542
            Year: 1998
            Model/Trim Pkg: XLT Off-Road
            2wd or 4x4: 4x4
            Suspension setup: Front: tbars maxed Rear: 2" chevy drop shackle
            Wheels: 15x8 Eagel Alloys with 4" back spacing
            Tires: 31x10.5x15 Hercules Trail Diggers

            Name:  S5030051.jpg
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            Name:  S5030052.jpg
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            Location: Yakima Wa
            Posts: 548
            Year: 1994
            Model/Trim Pkg: XLT
            Suspension setup: 4 in Tuff Country Suspension
            Wheels: Stocks
            Tires: 33 X 10.5 Boggers

            Name:  Picture002-5.jpg
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            Name:  Picture001-4.jpg
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            Name:  Picture010-3.jpg
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            Posts: 148
            Year: 1999
            Model/Trim Pkg: xlt
            2wd or 4x4: 4x4
            Suspension setup: (bodylifts would be mentioned here) 3in bl
            Wheels: 33x12.5 procomp muds
            Tires: 15x10 dc-1's
            Name:  Photo0255.jpg
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            Name:  Photo0256.jpg
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            Name:  Photo0259.jpg
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            Location: Michigan
            Posts: 138
            Year: 1992
            Model/Trim Pkg: xlt
            2wd or 4x4: Obviously 2wd :)
            Suspension setup: Complete custom built rear 6 link with watts. Front Dream beams with Gravity Werx brackets. Slam 2600 bags
            Wheels: Center Line Telstars
            Tires: BFG'S


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            Location: CA Westlake Village
            Posts: 1,771
            Year: 2006
            Model/Trim Pkg: sport
            2wd or 4x4: 2wd
            Suspension setup: 3'' fabtech spindle lift, 3'' PA bodylift, Fabtech AAL, Procomp racing shocks, JD traction bars
            Wheels: ProComp
            Tires: 35x12.5 Procomp Xtreme Muds

            Name:  002.jpg
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            Name:  005.jpg
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            Name:  004.jpg
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            Posts: 821
            Model/Trim Pkg:EDGE
            2wd or 4x4:4x4
            Suspension setup: 3" Summit Body lift, 2" Shackles and torsion keys
            Wheels:Stock 16x7"
            Tires:285/75/16 BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO
            Name:  1121091159.jpg
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            Name:  1029090844.jpg
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            Name:  1018091148.jpg
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            I'm new on this forum. I'm glad to find some die hard ranger lovers like myself. This is my little danger ranger here.

            Model/Trim Pkg:XLT
            2wd or 4x4:2-Wheel
            Suspension setup: Stock
            Wheels:No idea lmao
            Tires:I cant remember

            Name:  IMG00597.jpg
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            Name:  IMG00035.jpg
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            Name:  IMG00036.jpg
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            Originally Posted by DimeWylde View Post
            I'm new on this forum. I'm glad to find some die hard ranger lovers like myself. This is my little danger ranger here.

            nice truck.. btw this thread was started by me..haha anyhoo... welcome to the site, i've only been here for a few months but definitely a bunch of good guys.. if you post a thread, they like to voice there opinion's haaha...

            we like pictures.. haha, i came into this site not knowing a lot about lifting a vehicle and its parts and stuff but i have learnt ALOT.. so have fun and browse around.

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