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Old 06-20-2009
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Paying over $20k for a Ranger is absurd. Even for brand new. I paid $8k for mine, granted it is a 2001 and had 117k on it. In a couple years those $20K+ Rangers will be around $15K.
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Old 06-20-2009
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well even though this is an older thread. sticker was 21k, 4th of july rebate, college graduate rebate, X-plan, and 6500 for my 99 3.0 ranger. Walked out the door owing 12k brand new in 07. Truck had 30 miles on it.
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Old 06-20-2009
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shut it chris and you talk bout me with my lucky deals lol
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Old 06-21-2009
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i didn't have any trade in, i got x plan (or whatever uncle gives you). sticker on my 08 xlt 4x4 with slider window, stick (knocked $1500 off), came with chrome mirrors, steps (i took them off) am/fm/cd/mp3/sat radio (not high end but not basic), 3.73s w/ LS was $26 and change. i paid $27 and change with 0% for the 5 years that i'm making payments. they told me i couldn't really get any discounts on the x plan. they did give $500 towards options (tonneau/liner/etc.) but since i didn't want a liner until i got a line-x, they put that $500 on as a down payment.

i kno i coulda haggled for a lower price, but i got what i wanted and i felt the price was decent for what i was getting. mind you this was in canadian dollars and it was last february when i ordered it. i could have had my choice of two one near ottawa (silver) and one i think in quebec (black) a few days later, but i wanted blue.

i will say this, hold out for what you want and what you wanna pay. when you find it, you'll know.
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Old 06-21-2009
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Yeah i know its an older thread but still...... ill reply anyway because i believe most Ranger people here bought used, and not new. Well, i just bought mine new so here we go

I just bought my 09 in March new. If you have AAA or another insurance company, they often offer new car buying services. Take advantage of that because most of the time they will knock the prrice off the bad down to about $150 above invoice. Any additional rebates are still applicable as well. If you look around online too, its not hard to get an X Plan deal if you dont have AAA or that deal to work off of. If you dont know, X plan is a suppliers discount from Ford. Its eligable to friends and family of supplier employees to Ford. I work for a paint company so im eligable directly. (there are also A and Z plans for employees and retirees, but im not lucky enough to be one of those)

Example -

Sticker on my 09 Sport 4x2, 4.0L, PW/PL, Cruise, limited slip and jump seat equipped truck was around $22,300. X plan took it down to around $21.000. Rebates were $4,500 the weekend i bought the truck. So Cash price was around $16,500 (the best i remember, im not pulling out the paperwork here) I put $12K down, and now after taxes, license fees and everything else i owed less than $7K after all was said and done on a truck that had 50 miles on it with a full warranty.

I also got to be the first person to fart in the seats. You cant put a price on that.
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Old 06-21-2009
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Guys, just some food for thought. Here's a technique I've used for the last 15-20 years. I've gotten some GREAT (IMO) buys using it.

1: Decide exactly what you want to buy, make, model, color, etc.
2: Add the options you want.
3: Go to a dealer and hand a salesman your shopping list.
4: Ask if he has any 1 or 2 year old "lease returns" that match.
5: If he says no. Give him your name and phone # and ask him to call you if he gets one in.
7: Go to another dealer and repeat 1 thru 6.

I've used this technique to purchase my last 4 vehicles. You might not get EXACTLY what you want. But I'll bet you can come pretty darn close. It works best in large cities with more than 1 or 2 dealers selling the brand you want. So if you live in Podunk, it might be worth it to drive the 50-100 miles to a larger city. In my case, living in Spring City, TN, that's a 50 mile drive to Knoxville or Chattanooga. Also you'll need some patients. (something I realize you younger guys don't have a bunch of) It took me about 4-5 months to find my current Ranger using it. Was it worth it. You decide.

I purchased my Ranger for $13K, OUT THE DOOR. It was 10 months old, when I got it. Had just over 18K on the clock. It's a 2002 XLT, 4 dr., ext. cab. It has P/S, P/B, P/Mirrors, 3.0 auto., step bars, sliding rear window, am/fm/cd/tape, bed liner and maybe some other things I no longer recall. (The ONLY thing missing from my shopping list was a 4.0 engine.) Since they were still selling the 2002 models when I got mine I was able to go on line and build the same truck. It had a MSRP of over $24K. Had I purchased it new I could probably have gotten it for $18-20K. The way I figure it, I saved $6-7 by letting someone else fart in the seat first.
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Old 06-22-2009
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i know you said 09's, but i just wanted to "steal" ur thread.....

i bought my 06' used...only had 26000 miles on it. They wanted 17,000 for it. Well they thought they had me on that price....

the next day i celled the sales lady and told her i wasnt paying that price...she was flabergasted, she says "well make an offer i guess.... i told her $14000, she almost laughed and then said ill go ask, she came back and said he'd do 16K, i was like thats still steep. I asked for 14,500, she goes to ask, and she calls me back and says 15,500. well im like that still more than i wanna pay. i told her regardless i was buying a Ranger SOMEWHERE, this is my first newish truck so i want to get a good deal. She says she go talk to him again, and then she calls me back and tells me 15200 is as low as she will go...."I cant just give the truck away" is what she said...

well i pondered a min and was like i just dont wanna pay that price! i told her NO DEAL! i said ill just go find one for around $14K-$14,500. she says well i definitly cant do that price, i said ok, well just keep ur eyes out for one that price...and i got off the phone.

NO LIE, not even five mins later she calls back...she says "Scott you know you told me who ur girlfriend's mom is, well i told my boss and he said "really, well just give the damn truck to him for $14,500." aint that funny!

BACKGROUND INFO: My girlfriend's mom works for the local newspaper Mt airy News in advertising. She does all of Scenic Ford's advertising and gets special treatment for getting them business. well when in negotiations, i told the sales lady that Sherry was my GF's mama...she said really....

when she told me 14,500, i told her deal! i was happy for what i payed for the truck!
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