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Old 08-23-2006
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winter tires

Hey guys Im kind of on a limited budget and im lookin to get some snow tires. Im thinkin of cheaping out and just gettin 2 tires mounted on steel rims and putting them on the back. I know 4 tires would be optimal for control in snow and ice but I think with some good snows on the back and some weight in the bed I'll be alright. For weight Im gonna get 2 or 3 roughly 2'x2' Patio stones that my dad ripped up out of his backyard.

Do you think I'll have any problems with this? I mainly do highway driving on plowed (most of the time) roads. Any suggestions on wich tires I should get ?
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Old 08-24-2006
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I have no first hand experience w/ snows on a pickup. But I know everyone and their brother runs Blizzaks 'round here. My buddy runs a set of 4 on steelies on his sedan and swears by them. They are studless, which means they do fine on dry pavement too. Studded would be a better choice for heavy snow, but not-so-great for those days between storms.

Faster wear is the biggest downside to the Blizzaks; they wear fast. But that is standard fare for snows.

Cooper makes a set of snows that I hear good things about too.

An alternative is going for a good set of all-terrains. Not quite as good as dedicated snows, but not bad either. The BFG ATs I have on my truck now are light years ahead of the all-seasons I've used before in the snow. I think they are a nice comprimise as they wear well in year-round use. I'm at 41k miles now on a set and expect to get well past 50k miles.

As for weight in the bed, I would run at least 200 lbs in a 4x2. I used to run 240 lbs by way of four bags of sand at 60 lbs each. The upside of sand is that you can tear open a bag and use it for traction if you get stuck on ice. Done that once or twice..
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Old 10-01-2006
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i run pep boys futura dakotas for my winter tires, about 60 a tire for a 235/15, theres a item called shuretrax you can get at advance auto, basicaly a bag that you fill with water that lays flat in the box, i personnally have a old tire in my spare carrier filled with sand. i keep my "road spare" in the bed. if i get alot of snow i put another sand filled tire in the back, this one is from a 3/4 ton truck and weighs 220 pnds. you dont want too much weight, the back end may pass the front if you start to slide.
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Old 10-01-2006
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I would consider a set of dedicated winter tires like Blizzaks or something similar although you may be able to get by with all-terrains though they are not as good on ice and snow. Weight is the best option but make sure you put it as far forward in the bed as you can get it. Alot of weight back by the tail-gate will encourage rear end slides going around curves.
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