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Old 11-11-2011
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Yesterday, it rained....(ABS)

It was real wet out yesterday, and I had to drive a far piece on some business. Truck stopped fine the whole drive on the highway, and in town. I parked her for a while, maybe 30 mins or so, while I ran into a store. After I got back in, I pulled out of the parking lot, and my brakes,well, they started to have a seizure. I was going down a slight incline towards the traffic light, started to lightly press on the brakes, the wheels skidded in a funny way, the brakes pulsed, engaged, let off, engaged again and finally stopped the truck a few inches from the rear end of a beamer. I was going probably about 5mph and I didnt slam on the pedal or anything. It was pretty scary actually, but it didnt happen the rest of the day .

I have all new brakes all around, front and rear. New rotors and pads up front, new shoes in back. The abs light is NOT on, I just drove again today, and brakes are freaking perfect. I installed all the brake parts about 4 months ago, and they've been operating great until this one instance.

I go mudding every so often, so I figure that the rain washed some of the mud and grit into the ABS sensor. Is there any wasy to clean these sensors, without pulling out the brake caliper, rotor, wheel assembly ?? Can I just crawl under there and shoot some throttle body cleaner at the problem? I'm away from home, and won't be able to access any tools until tuesday...and I think we have another rainy day coming up soon....
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Old 11-12-2011
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Probably just water on your rotors...When driving, they are constantly slinging water off of them and have the pads rubbing on them at such a high rate, they stay dry...but when you were pulling out, you were going slow enough that the water didnt sling off and the pads/rotors were a lil wet...The pulsating would be your ABS working, you just felt it because even though they were working how they are supposed to, it was still wet and slick so the brake pad was slipping a bit....Thats my theory.

If you didnt know, ABS just basically autopumps the breaks for you...hence the pulsating...Cars without ABS, you are supposed to pump the brakes to keep them locking up and breaking traction, and possibly making you spin out.

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Old 11-12-2011
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Its just the water getting into your brakes. once you get rolling, the water usually just flies out or evaporates.
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Old 11-12-2011
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if its mud it might stick a while longer. i tend to take apart the drums on the rear after every wheeling trip that includes deep mud or water crossings
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Old 11-12-2011
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Alright, thanks everyone. The abs hasn't kicked in before or since, so I guess ya'll are right about the water on the rotors. I wish I could disable the abs on the front though. Just to be on the safe side, I am going to keep my mud driving to a minimum. It seem that everytime I play in the dirt, something weird happens to my truck. Last time, I had a couple marble sized rock wedged between the dust shield and my rotor. The time before that, a large stick (more like a log lol) had somehow gotten stuck in the brake caliper, and it made an awful screech everytime I stopped. I had to take my wheel off to discover that one. Daily drivers and trail rigs don't mix, at least imo.
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Old 11-12-2011
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If you used Ford rear brake shoes or the ones you bought just happen to use the exact same material, then you need to be aware that this material likes to absorb moisture on especially rainy, damp, and/or foggy days. The end result is the back tire(s) may skid the first time you drive it and press on the brakes. Happens more often if you press real hard that first time after it's been sitting out in the damp weather and for a prolonged amount of time.
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Old 11-12-2011
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^yep mine does that
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