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Decesion time...NEED ADVICE!!!

Hey everyone....I need some advice on this here question....I tore apart my 93 xlt 4.0 V6 149,000 Miles to change what I thought was a head gasket....

Here's the story...I pulled in the drive way back in January and had steam everywhere, and it appeared Coolant was running out my Water Pump Gasket so I changed the Water Pump, Fan Clutch, Cooling fan and Drive Belt last week only to start it up and find a puddle of coolant under the truck and the truck never warmed up and built up too much pressure in the Block/head..The Water Pump was fine and I could see it was running off the side of the block/head somewhere so I thought well its a head gasket....

So as I'm tearing the truck down I noticed a puddle of coolant that was sitting in a little corner that sits right behind the power steering pump and its right where the front part of the left cylinder head meets the lower intake and I know there's those water ports that run through the front and back of the lower intake that requires RTV Silicone so I started to wonder if that's what was leaking all along from the beginning because I never had the symptoms of a internal head gasket leak before I parked that day back in january.....I then relized that where I think the leak is located if the water was under pressure and hot it could be squirting pretty good and making it appear that the water pump gasket was leaking and I think that's what happened...

So I go to take the lower intake bolts out and just about **** my pants when the bolts on the side that I think is leaking were so loose I could have twisted them off by hand.....I pulled off the intake and the clyinder heads look fine and I see no evidence of an internal head gasket leak. I have not taking of the exhaust manifolds either at this point...The RTV Silicone where I suspect its leaking looked pretty beat up......

Time are tough and Money is tight....I'm about 90% sure on the intake leaking and the loose bolts should be a dead givaway right? This cuts the price of repair back by about 90 Bucks and we need all of it right now....

Does this sound like the Intake for sure that's leaking....Should I do the Intake Gasket and put this baby back together or if I'm down this far should I do the head gaskets? I was going to have them milled too....Ive heard stories of people doing them just because they had high miles and they weren't leaking, but to only do them and make them leak.....

What would you guys do?
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