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Old 03-29-2008
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Icon4 Failed inspection, Drivers side rear brake hanging up -NEED HELP

As the title states, I failed NJ State inspection for my rear driver side brake hanging up. After jacking up the truck and pulling off both wheels and brake drum covers, I think I know the problem.

Initially I thought my problem had to do with the parking brake cable because the brakes would hang up, then after shaking the cable, it would go away. The hanging up would only occur when I used my parking brake. Now I am pretty sure I know the problem is the parking brake, however I think the cable may not be the problem.

What I feel the problem is, is the part that the parking brake cable connects to -the piece that pushes out the brake pads when pulled forward (when parking brake is set). When the parking brake is released, it snaps back into its resting position where it stops pushing out the brake pads, and the wheels can move again.

Problem is, this part is working fine on the passenger side, however not on the driver side. When you set the parking brake, the part does not move forward anymore. When you disengage the parking brake, it does not move backward either.

I have noticed that the part on is sitting more forward on the drivers side than it is on the passenger side, and I think that is why my brakes are hanging up. I've tired hitting it back by tapping it with a hammer and punch, but it has done nothing. I've also tried to pry it back, but again, nothing has happened.

What I need to know is, is this part supposed to be further up on the driver side than the passenger side? Could it be hanging up because the parking brake cable is not letting it go any further back? Why isn't it being pulled forward when I set the parking brake? Most of all, if it isn't supposed to be this way, how can I fix it?

Driver side brake setup. Arrow points to problem part.

Driver side brake setup. Arrow points to problem part. Circle shows problem part location when cable is released.

Driver side brake setup. Parking brake cable connecting to problem part.

Passenger side brake setup. Arrow points to part working correctly. Circle shows location when cable is released.
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Old 03-29-2008
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Is this what you were calling me about?

The main problem is that the adjuster wheel at the bottom no longer moves when I have that problem. I have this problem all the time after offroading and then it persists until I take it apart, clean the threads on the adjuster wheel pieces, grease them with silicone brake grease and then it's good for awhile.

What happens then is that the brakes wear to the point where when you engage them, they are not applying evenly, Then the shoes get jammed down and kind of wedge in there and cause the brakes to lock. That's what I think.

Take that stuff at the bottom apart, clean and lube it and put it back. Do one side at a time as they are threaded specifically for one side of the vehicle.

When you go to put the drum on, manually manipulate the star wheel until you can just barely get the drum on.

That should fix the problem.
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Old 03-29-2008
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Yes John, that is what I was calling about.

I have pretty much answered my own question... at least to the parking cable anyhow. I cut it off with a dremel tool at the spring, and then the part I'm not able to name slammed back into place. I do believe that was one of my problems. I am not sure if it is the problem with the brakes hanging up during the inspection, probably only an inspection will tell for me.
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Old 03-30-2008
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Yep, same happens with mine too. Another fine Ranger issue. I find my 01 also eats wheel cylinders too. Seems every winter I need to adjust the rear end and parking break cable....and replace something.
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