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How to drain old gas?

Hello, I have a '98 Ford Ranger that has been sitting in our yard for a few years and I wanted to get it fixed up to drive for my first car. I needed some help as to were to start with one of our issues. We have to drain the gas tank because whatever gas is in there has been there for a few years. I was wondering how to go about it?
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Get a new fuel filter, $10-$15, these often come with a plastic tool to remove fuel lines, if not ask if parts store has one, should only be a couple of dollars.
These go on the fuel line then slide into the connector releasing the clip allowing the line to separate, watch out for spraying fuel, there could still be pressure although this is long shot.

Remove the fuel filter, located in the frame rail, approximately under the drivers seat.

The Ford fuel system only runs the fuel pump for 2 seconds each time the key is turned on, fuel pump runs all the time when engine RPMs are above 500, but only for 2 seconds when engine is off.
Now you could sit there and turn key on and off and, or read below.

Open the hood and then the Power Box(fuse box)
Find the Fuel Pump Relay, should be labelled FP, pull it out.
There should be to slots labelled 87 and 30, these will pass power to fuel pump when connected.
Place a bucket under the fuel filter hose that goes to the gas tank.
Put a jumper wire between 87 and 30, fuel pump should start pumping, don't let it run "dry", the gas cools the pump.
Key does not need to be on for this, fuel pump power is direct from battery not on a keyed circuit.
When it seems to be sputtering remove jumper and put some more gas in the tank, 3 or more gallons then turn pump back on until gas is flowing well again to get "clean gas" into the line then stop pump.

Replace Relay
Install new filter

I would run some Seafoam in the fuel tank to clean the injectors, they may have a bit of varnish from the old gas residue.

Automotive relays have a standard format, look here to see the numbering if it is not on the socket or relay:
Relays Diagrams, Converting Polarity

most relays don't have 87a, only 87, and 87 is the one you want

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