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How-To: Under Hood Lights

Written By: Jacob Moniz (TheForce02)

I have had my lights on for two days now and i will keep you guys posted on how they hold up, but so far so good. I am VERY impressed with how bright they are! They actually light up an area about 15ft. around my truck(in the front).


Cathode lights(I bought my set for $15)
Electrical tape
18g Wire
Crimps: female crimp for attaching to the switch, for attaching your power wire to the Transformer and the switch, one with a hole in it(sorry i don't know the correct name) that you are going to use for your ground.
Taps: To connect into your power
Zip Ties
Zip Tie mounts

You are going to eliminate the connectors(the cathodes are designed to be used in a PC). You will be left with the Black and Red wires leaving the transformer. The Black wire is your ground and the Red wire goes to your switch.

Your next step is to remove your radio bezel(two 7mm screw on the bottom side). Now that this is done you are going to isolate your plug for the 12V outlet on the right side. It should be black, ground, and Black/Red, your power.

At this time decide where you are going to mount your switch. I mounted mine in the back of my X full length center console. Most of you won't have this and the other picture is one idea that would work as a location because it is also close to the hood release latch. If you wanted to you could also drill a whole and mount it.

Once you have decided where to mount it you are going to run your power wire over to the switch. Using your wire and a tap, tap into the Black/Red wire on the 12v outlet. Run the wire over to your switch and add your female crimp to the end, attach to the switch where the yellow wire used to be.

If you haven't already then disconnect the red wire and cut it in half. The half with the female crimp is going to stay with the switch. Attach a new set of wire to this end with a crimp. This wire is going to run through the firewall and up the hood(run it under the mat, or whatever it is called, on the hood.

At this time remove the screw that is holding the right side of the hood latch piece (see picture above). This is where your ground wire will go.

Now you are going to get the transformer ready. Remove the plugs from it if you haven't done so already. Take the one with the Black and Red wires. You have already cut the red wire and what you are going to do is attach that to the power wire that you have brought to you hood. The ground wire will be shortened to the desired length and attach the crimp with the hole in it(make sure the whole is big enough for the srew to go through, sorry no pics). Once this is done you can re-attach the screw for the hood latch, remember to add the ground to the assembly.

Now you are going to get everything ready to be mounted. Using zip ties and zip tie mounting pieces prep your transformer and cathodes. I put two sets for both cathodes and the transformer. I used duct-tape along with the zip ties on the transformer to make sure the zip ties didn't slide off.

At this point you are going to re-attach the power/ground plug and the power wires for the cathodes, to the transformer.

Go ahead and mount the cathodes in place. The place that i choose allows for the light to shine in the engine bay and also has enough clearence for the cathodes not to hit the engine or the front clip. Also they are hidden by the rubber piece that is right there.

Next I hid the transformer. On my hood there is a flat spot on the inside that the transformer easily sticks to. Make sure that all surfaces are clean before you stick anything to them. Also remember to attach all plugs to to transformer before you stick it into place.

This basically concludes the how-to. I would recommend that all connections made on the outside are sealed up with liquid electrical tape! I actually made all of my connections by soldering, it was my first time but i managed to do a good job!

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