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Old 02-02-2011
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My wife & I have been married for 20 years.....always living in the burbs, I always needed a truck to carry all those things you need in the burbs....dirt, mulch, lumber, a new grill, baby crib.....on and on and on.....I always drove a car of some kind.....I've had eight cars and three company cars, but never a truck. I always had to mooch a vehicle from a friend when I needed one.......I looked at buying a truck several times, but always ended up with a car.
My daughter turned 16 at Christmas and I was looking for something safe, reliable and cheap for her to drive......the 2011 Mustang Shelby she wanted.....uh no........she was always fond of a truck and never squirmed at the idea of driving one llike some girls might.
I heard about a friend of a friend who bought a new Ranger and had an old 1992 XLT he wanted to sell......asking $1000......his wife wanted it out of their driveway......I went to look at it and my wife suprisingly wanted to go along.......The truck is a regular cab, long bed, automatic, with a dealer installed camper cover, matching the truck color. The current owner bought the truck from the original owner....an older woman from his church who bought it new...she drove the truck from 92 until 2006....she put 42,000 on it......and drove around with plastic still on the seats. The current owner had a 65 mile round trip commute each day and had racked up 150,000 miles. The truck was a bit rough around the edges, but absolutely no rust and perfect for any weekend project I could imagine. To my suprise, my wife actually got out of the car and wanted to look at it....she walked all around, opened the door, and actually sat in the driver's seat.....no heated leather 16 way adjustments here......
The owner replaced the radiator after a deer encounter, which also took out the grill and wrinkled the left front fender....he put on a used Explorer grill he located at the salvage yard and pounded out the fender himself. New altinator, battery, hoses, belts, shocks, muffler & tailpipe. Only a week before he decided to sell it, he encountered a 2nd deer and that took out the right headlite frame and wrinkled the right fender......frame was replaced & the fender was pounded out to match the wrinkles of the left fender.
After standing in 24 degree weather with snow beginning to start, the guy agreed to $500 cash!!!........he was pleased to know it was going to my daughter who was also a truck fan, and I think that helped to adjust the price in his mind.
Long and the short, the Ranger in now living in the burbs in my driveway......I put a new set of tires on it last week....my daughter refers to it as "her truck" and named it "Tyler"....who knows......
I've discovered replacement OEM parts on line and I've been buying pieces and putting them in my garage....2 new fenders, grill, headlite trim, trim bar between bumper & grill....my daughter & I have a summer project now.......at first I kept it in the garage until I was able to get license tags......decided not to start a war with the neighborhood association patrol, going against bi-law 17439-w-002, no vehicles allowed without tags.....However....now that I'm legal....I'm more than willing to park it on the street for all to see....say something now neighborhood ***holes........and I finally have a truck.....it may not be new, but in her eyes, it's perfect...wrinkled fenders & all. I even drove it to my office and proudly parked it squarely in my parking space and dared anyone to say anything negative about ol' Tyler.
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Old 02-02-2011
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Welcome, cg on deal
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Old 02-02-2011
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Welcome to R-F Damn good deal on the truck man! Now we need some pics!
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Old 02-02-2011
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Welcome to RF! Sounds like a steal.
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Old 02-02-2011
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welcome! what part of NC are you from?
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Old 02-02-2011
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Welcome to R/F.
We're better than any service manual you'll ever find, post some pics up and if you have any questions. ask away.
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Old 02-02-2011
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Old 02-02-2011
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That's was a letter......Welcome
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Old 02-02-2011
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Welcome to Ranger Forums.

What part of NC are ya from?
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