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larger capacity oil filter for 2.3 duratec

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larger capacity oil filter for 2.3 duratec

the oil filter seems really small for a 2.3, any reason for this?
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A larger oil filter is not beneficial. If you change your oil on time and use a decent filter there is more than enough filter media to do the job. Think of it this way the most wear on any properly running and maintained engine is start up. The reason the most wear happens on startup is the engine has to build and maintain oil pressure. So if you put a larger filter on you are going to prolong the time it takes to get up to optimal oil pressure causing more wear and gain nothing from having more filter media being that there is already enough to do the job. Plus a larger filter could effect oil flow and pressure negatively but most certainly will not effect it positively.
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+1 ^^^^

Oil Pressure is oil the engine can NOT use at that moment......................

The oil pump produce a flow of oil thru the filter and into the Main oil passage, where oil pressure sensor is.
Oil passages are small and bearings are even smaller openings
The flow of too much oil then backs up in the Main passage because it all can not get out of the openings, in bearings, rockers, ect.....
So pressure builds up in the Main passage, from the oil the engine CAN NOT use at that time, and that's "oil pressure".

Oil pressure is good because you know the engine is getting enough oil if it can't use all of it, lol
High oil pressure is as bad as no oil pressure, because it causes "washing" of the bearing, 6psi at idle is fine, 40psi at higher RPMs is OK.
High oil pressure just means oil pump is sending even more oil the that engine can't use, i.e. at higher RPMs pump sends more oil so oil pressure goes up, engine doesn't need more oil, but thats just the way it works

Bigger oil filter doesn't do much unless you are expecting dirty air, sand and dust getting into the engine.
Oil is used to cool as well as lubricate the engine, you could use water but it would turn to steam and cause rust, lol.
Oil has a much higher boiling point.

Oil pan allows oil to cool down after being pumped thru the engine, large surface area, so having it stored in a larger oil filter may mean less cooling, remote mounting a larger filter might help cooling.
But not seeing it.

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If you want better filtration capability for some reason the only safe way to do this is to add a secondary oil filter that has a much smaller micron rating than the standard filter is capable of.

Companies like Amesoil offer a bypass filter kit than can be purchased with one or even two remote mounted filters. however I do not know if they offer a kit for your truck specifically.

Running a bypass oil filter kit ties into the oil sending unit with a tee and normally requires a return line tapped into the engine somewhere.

With all the potential benefits of this extra filtration aside there are risk involved with all the added plumbing, fitting lines gaskets etc that could spring an unexpected leak.

Not to mention adding these bulky kits will make your tight engine bay that much more of a PITA to work around.

If I was to ever consider adding on a one of these kits I would use high end A&N type fittings ,braided hoses or not install the kit at all.

AMSOIL Shop by Product

As the others have mentioned keeping your truck maintained properly is more important than the size of the filter and using a quality filter to start with.

Above and beyond this also mentioned is engine wear on start up. If I wanted to maximize my engine life and had the money to do so I would purchase and install a quality pre lube system that gives your engine oil pressure before you crank the engine over.

These systems are normally found in high end racing engines and expensive boats that sit for long periods and is overkill for a daily driver unless you want to try and get a million or more miles from your engine.

Good luck getting the rest of the Ranger to last that long LOL

If both the bypass filter kit and pre lube system is used on a engine after the break in period I cannot imagine how long a engine could last if properly maintained.

This is just one example of a pre lube system

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