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1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver

Bought a 1995 2.3L 5-speed black Ranger a few weeks ago.

Here's a list of what I've done so far.

Plugs (All 8)
Muffler/Header studs
Leaf spring hangers/shackles (everything)
Parking brake cables (all 3)
Drivers seat
Ignition cylinder
Spare tire holder (bent)
Remote start

Plugs - These were the worst plugs I've ever seen. They might have been original

Muffler/Header studs - The exhaust was completely disconnected at the cat, both header studs were broken, muffler had a big hole in it. I pulled the header to drill out the broken studs, then weld in new bolts to act as studs. Then replace the cat gasket and replace the muffler with the smaller universal turbo muffler while adding aprox 5" of pipe to compensate for the smaller muffler.

Battery - Left me stranded at work, so it had to be replaced.

Leaf spring hangers - Common rust problems. They were all SHOT and the rear ones literally weren't even there. Spent some time cutting and hammering the old rivets.


Parking brake cables - They were all seized, and I found the rear drum parking brake bracket in the glove box. At least I didn't have to dig in the junkyard for them! Making sure the parking brake functioned properly and fully retracted was a priority.

Drivers seat - The original was sagging badly so I found one in the junkyard. Pulled the covers off and washed them in the washing machine.

Ignition cylinder - The original was shot and could be started with a screwdriver. Took $15 and 5 mins to replace.

Spare tire holder - Another junkyard part. The original was bent up. Someone must have backed into something. Gotta have a spare imo.

Remote start - Just finished it this weekend. I wanted to get this done before it gets cold. Ironic that it's been 95 degrees today and yesterday. It's installed properly with the correct clutch bypass which I designed myself. To remote start you must follow a few simple steps (the manual calls this reservation mode)

- While the vehicle is running, set the parking brake and put the trans in neutral
- Turn the key off (engine stays running)
- Exit the vehicle
- when you shut the door, the vehicle shuts off

This is how the remote start knows that the vehicle is in neutral. If you've exited the vehicle while it's running, it must have been in neutral.
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1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver-dscf8374_zps2c487e43.jpg   1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver-dscf8361_zpsb689a798.jpg   1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver-dscf8371_zps2541d4ba.jpg   1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver-dscf8386_zps27932b80.jpg   1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver-dscf8388_zpsaf79e4a6.jpg  

1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver-dscf8470_zps9e6d4f48.jpg   1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver-dscf8469_zpsf46f7538.jpg   1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver-dscf8467_zpsd2c283f2.jpg   1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver-dscf8466_zpsbadccefe.jpg   1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver-dscf8464_zpse8373343.jpg  

1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver-dscf8463_zps800cea58.jpg   1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver-dscf8472_zpse7308615.jpg   1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver-dscf8535_zpsf5d1383a.jpg   1995 XLT 2.3L 5-speed daily driver-dscf8450_zpsfad3968f.jpg  

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what all are you planning to do??
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Old 09-11-2013
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Nothing extreme. It's a 2WD 4 banger jr truck that barely has enough power to push itself up a hill

I'd like too add some timing with a programmer, but that'll be down the road a little. My goal is a fuel-saving daily driver that can haul small stuff, and be reliable.

I have a new fender and fiberglass front header at home waiting to be installed. Both parts are damaged right now and I'd like to truck to at least look decent especially since the body is pretty much rust free

The windshield is cracked, but I'll take care of that in time.

The next major upgrade I'd like is cruise control. I just gotta have it!
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Old 09-12-2013
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This is the Passenger fender:

New Fender Passenger Right Side Front Primered RH Hand FO1241159 F67Z16005DA | eBay

Here's the front fiberglass header:

New Header Panel Nose Ford Ranger 97 96 95 94 93 1997 1996 FO1220193 F67Z8190AA | eBay

$130.47 for both, shipped.

Considering parts yards wanted $100 for both, spending an extra $30 was an easy decision. No driving there, getting dirty, HOPING to find the right parts, HOPING they're not damaged, then having to pull them..........New parts to my door was the right call I think.
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This to still do:

- Install the fender/header (obviously)
- Find a cruise column and all parts to complete install.
- Find a radio bezel and get a single din install kit. (the stereo is just bouncing around)
- Find a dome light (someone removed it for some reason)
- Re-cover the headliner because someone cut the old one out.
- Fix negative camber on front drivers tire.
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