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Old 06-10-2007
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White Rhino

It all started off with a $400 88 ranger STX regular cab long bed. I lifted it 6"s upgraded the axles a little then i met some new buddys that all have crawlers. So i decided to ditch the TTB front for a HP fullwidth Dana 44. I bought a 44 off of craigslist for $200 with all the cast wedges on it. I was going to run them with stock radius arms, bushings, and coils but i decided i wanted to flex alot more than that. I Plated the stock arms grinded them down so i could sleave them with 2" 1/4 wall DOM extended them around a foot and got currie HD johnny joints. made the cross member/t-case skid in a few hours got pre-bent Blue torch 1 3/4 DOM shock hoops welded all that crap on. I got a great deal on 14" 2.0 fox air shocks so i was pretty much ready to flex. I scored a massive deal on 8 lug outers/ 5.13's/detroit/ recentered H1 double beadlocks/6 38" TSL radials half tread/high steer/ heimed dom tierod/ Eaton 14 bolt rear end with disk brake conversion with 5.13s and lincoln locked all for around $1200 I decided to stick with leafs in the rear and picked up some 63" chevys
for $50 and inboarded them and made some shackles. Got the drivelines made ( Steve at South Bay Driveline in San Jose).

All in all it turned out great i have run the con/frank reines/ and hollister a few times with nothing broken. To bad i finished it right before "season ended" so i havent been able to run Four dyce like i wanted too. hope you guys like it heres all the pics i know theres a ton just thought i'd be thorough

the begining:
Name:  Image065.jpg
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Size:  62.2 KB
Name:  muddin.jpg
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the mud days:
Name:  IMG_6503.jpg
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Size:  65.2 KB
went to the early 90's front clip:
Name:  today-7.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  38.2 KB
the start of the Krawler build:
Name:  rannnnnnger.jpg
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Size:  41.4 KB
Name:  Image053.jpg
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Name:  073006_18301.jpg
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Name:  073006_18302.jpg
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Name:  080206_15291.jpg
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Name:  halfdoor.jpg
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Name:  hhh.jpg
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Name:  090106_12181.jpg
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Name:  flex.jpg
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Name:  flex2s.jpg
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Name:  flex3.jpg
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Name:  091706_16261.jpg
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Name:  092506_08422.jpg
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ITS done well sort of ( i know im gonna get **** for the redneck RTI)
Name:  100_2838.jpg
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Name:  100_2840.jpg
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Size:  109.5 KB
Name:  crossmember.jpg
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Name:  eaton.jpg
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Name:  jeffshop2.jpg
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Name:  Image071-1.jpg
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Size:  44.9 KB

heres some pics of its maiden voyage on a hollister shake down run
Name:  100_2982.jpg
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Size:  173.2 KB
Name:  100_3023.jpg
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Size:  127.9 KB
Name:  100_3025-1.jpg
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Name:  100_3012.jpg
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Size:  96.5 KB

Decided to Bob the bed i might dove tail it later:
Name:  100_3007.jpg
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Size:  34.3 KB
Name:  100_3009.jpg
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Name:  100_3014.jpg
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Name:  Picture002.jpg
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Name:  roob078.jpg
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Name:  DSCN2804.jpg
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Name:  roob064.jpg
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Name:  n505693137_3959_3820.jpg
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Frank Reines:
Name:  mike.jpg
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Name:  DSCN0193.jpg
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Name:  DSCN0182-1.jpg
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Name:  DSCN0177.jpg
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Name:  DSCN0173.jpg
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i notched into the crossmember so i could get the johnny joints as high up as possible and the top of the crossmember is opened up to allow the t-case to sit in it its all plated to the max and pretty solid. The c-mounts on the tube are in the stock location i extended the arms so that they were long enough to sit right inside the frame i did however push the front axle forward about 4 inches which puts my wheel base at about 117"s ill post some pics of the crossmember build when i get on my other computer

heres a better shot of the crossmember and arms in action and some random flex shots on the old dodge
Name:  RastarProductionDec20061021.jpg
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Size:  81.6 KB
Name:  RastarProductionDec20061008.jpg
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Name:  RastarProductionDec20061014.jpg
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Name:  RastarProductionDec20061031.jpg
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Name:  Image074.jpg
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Name:  whoops.jpg
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Old 11-05-2007
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Hey man, I saw you over on TRS. Amazing rig. I'm planning on a similar swap

HP Dana44 from a 78 full size Bronco, bronco extended radius arms, drop brackets, the 9" with shackle and a progressive multi-leaf flex packs. I'm still in the process of finding a good set of coils. What are you running? What's the spring rate?

Thanks bro,
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Old 11-05-2007
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seen the build up over on pirate..truck looks like a beast!
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Old 11-05-2007
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hows this thread get missed for 5 months... awesome truck, i want to do something like that with an older truck or rail buggy in a few years
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Old 11-05-2007
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Next mod...........BUY A NEW CAMERA!!!
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Old 11-05-2007
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i saw that over on pirate, that thing is SICK!
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Old 11-06-2007
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Very, very cool. you have an amazing amount of articulation there I love the "test" truck.
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Old 11-06-2007
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love the truck, wish I had the time/money
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Old 12-01-2007
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I will be doing a similar build but with a ext cab. I might be coming back to you for some pointers if thats ok.
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