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Old 07-30-2009
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yeah well they have some special ones working at the store up in marietta GA too.... dont get me wrong i got my order and everything

but when i went in there i said hey i have a 01 ranger and im looking to run bilsteins shocks on it and its going to have a 3inch lift and the guy was like well according to our computer they dont make the size you need.....and i just said WTF i know they do

so long story short i had to go 45 min back to my house get on the internet get the part numbers and drive all the way back up there to put in my order just because the genius behind the counter couldnt work a computer lol in the end i probably will do more buisness with them just because they are really one of the only off road shops i have found around here but sometimes the customer service does suck hardcore
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Old 07-31-2009
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Originally Posted by Trigger01 View Post
Feb. 4th I call them up and order a set of Fabtech 3.5" lift spindles. I'm told they will be here in 2weeks.

After I weeks I notice my online order status has not changed. I call them up and ask what's up. they told me they would not be in their warehouse in CA until Feb. 21-22. Irritated, but tolerable.

I called to day to check on the status and they told me that they would not be in until March 9th. then 2 weeks for shipping.

I called another number today and they told me a different story. They can't even keep their stories straight.

Bull freakin crap!
I am so tired of getting the freakin run around and being lied to by these people. So now my tires still rub like a mother and I can't turn my wheels all the way and I will not be lifted for another month and a half at least.

4WheelParts SUCKS
This is not my first problem with them either.
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Old 08-02-2009
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Yeah I've dealed with 4WP a few times and no complaints. I know a salesman and the service manager at the portland one. They are good guys. Maybe the portland store is an exception?!?
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Old 08-02-2009
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No problems with the one here in Raleigh, NC. I ordered my last wheel/tire combo through the internet, had it shipped to my business already mounted and balanced. I installed them and everything was perfect. I know a couple of guys who dealt with the actual store here and had no problems.
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Old 08-06-2009
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I have had problemes with them too, their prices arent even that great! Last time I dealt with them I ordered two DVD's and told them they absolutley positively cannot be shipped by UPS, whenever UPS shows up at my door they want more money.....well guess what...it showed up very very late by UPS. The dvds cost $48 and UPS wanted another $38 for "duty and import fee's"...**** I should have said "send it back, thats not my package" Oh well next time...
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Old 08-06-2009
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well Stephen consider yourselves lucky!
I went in there to get some help with test fitting tires...they didn't have 32s or 33's in stock....spent like 20 mins waiting because I called on the phone and they said they did...kept going back and forth finally they didn't have. Mean time, I spend an extra 10 mins waiting bc 2 people called in pissed bc they're parts weren't in...

One guy ordered a lift, tires, wheels, winch, and front bumper...got a call from them to set an appointment for the day i was there and confirmed that parts were there. The guy walks in ready to pay...and they're like "uh....we don't have any of those parts, and we can't find your order???"

I WAS LIKE F THIS. And left...of yeah, the best deal on 32x1150 I could get was like $880 out the door??? I was like Nevermind....you lost my business....

This is after I dealt with the corporate place sending me the wrong shocks for my truck TWICE!!

Needless to say, never going there again!

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Old 08-06-2009
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If you want to come over to Durham the Discount Tire on Roxboro Rd has good prices and great service. They were 50 dollars cheaper a tire than any other place when I was pricing out my KM2s
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Old 08-08-2009
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of all the crap i bought over the years i have yet to give those retards a cent. when i bought my last 2 sets of 35's on 20's, they wanted at leasted 500 bucks more a set, there prices are BS, buy 3 tires and get 1 free, still more too damn much. another company that has no values, i heard nothing bud bad things about their shop work too.
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