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Old 02-16-2006
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Gillette Fusion Power (Thumbs Up)

I got the new Gillette Fusion Power razor as a Valentines Day gift. At first I thought 5 blades would be like a cheese grater to my face. This sure isn't my first nice razor, I own a Gillette Mach 3 Champion and a Shick Quattro. Both take a backseat compaired to the Fusion.

I also want to say I have sensitive skin ans use Nivea Shaving cream and thier after shave balm. So I dont want my razor to feel like sandpaper. I had this problem with the shick and the way the aloe strips were made, they would scratch my face at times. The Fusion Power's aloe strip also contains vitamin E and feels wonderful, and feels great.

The reason for 5 blades is they create a surface according to Gillette, this evenly distributes the force across the blades, they are 30% closer together than the Mach 3's blades are. Now this cause less irritation which is great.

Gillette also included what I think is the coolest little thing in the world. The backside of the blade contains 1 single blade for shaving your sideburns, shaving under your nose, or even shaping your facial hair. I thought this would be iffy, and became my favorite feature of the Fusion.

The Fusion Power model has another really cool feature, it has a low battery light on the handle, so know you know when you need to replace your AAA battery. The battery compartment is sealed with a rubber O-ring so no water may enter. (I dont know if other powered razors have this)

The stand is the only problem I have with the Fusion. It can lay down like all the others, and can even stand up vertically which is cool. It however doesn't have a wall mount system, or cannot hold spare razor heads.

So for those who like clean close shave, or have sensitive skin this is the razor for you and in my opinion the best razor to ever hit the market.

The prices (Via

Gillette Fusion - $7.99
Gillette Fusion Power - $9.99
Gillette Fusion Cartridges (4 pack) - $12.99
Gillette Fusion Power Cartridges (4 pack) - $14.29

My local drugstore had prices that were 5 dollars more for the actual razors.
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Old 02-16-2006
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I've been using a mach 3 turbo with good results for quite some time. Maybe once I run out of those I'll try the fusion.

I do use the nivea after shave balm... that stuff ROCKS!
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Old 02-16-2006
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I bought the fusion and I notice only a slightly more smoother shave than the Mach 3...not a HUGE difference, but at least its an improvement. My girlfriends brother loves it and says it is the smoothest shave of his life.

I guess the results vary depdning on your skin tone
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Old 02-17-2006
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Originally Posted by Gearhead61
I do use the nivea after shave balm... that stuff ROCKS!
I love how it cools your skin, it's man's weapon against razorburn.
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