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Old 07-15-2006
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Jusnes Modified E-Fan

Since I just installed the e-fan this morning, this is a PRELIMINARY review. Because everyone knows what an e-fan looks llike, and there are several "how-to"s floating around I will not be posting pics. I'll get some pics on my cardomain site shortly, but it's nothing you haven't seen before.

1- EASY install !!!!! The directions supplied with the kit are fairly simple and straight forward. Anyone with the slightest mechanical ability should not have any problems. The only deviation from the supplied instructions I did was to hook up the green wire to the purple wire coming off the HVAC controls. This has been discussed several times on various sites, but it seems to me to be the best spot....time will tell.

2- Truck seems to run cooler. I set mine to open up a few degrees after the thermostat opens up. I did this with the thinking the truck will heat up faster, and (hopefully) the truck will stay around the thermostat operational temp when on the highway which should keep the fan off when on the highway (if you're not running the A/C).

HOWEVER, what I noticed driving around in the 95 degree heat today was that my temp needle is actually slightly lower than compared with using the stock fan....about an 1/8th inch. I assume this is because the fan is running all the time (A/C is on), thus creating better cooling....even at idle and in stop and go, city driving.

3- A/C seems cooler. Again, I have to assume because of above.

4- Truck has more "pep". I assume this is because of the elimination of the parasitic drag of the stock fan. It's nothing that'll put you back in your seat, but it's definetly noticeable.

5- Gas mileage. Not sure yet...time will tell. I've been averaging 17.5 - 18 mpg on this damn 10% ethanol fuel they gave us for summer. I'll run a couple of tanks through it and see how it does. I will say this though, on the highway I noticed a 200-300 rpm drop as compared with the stock fan. Again, not earth shaterring, but something worth mentioning. If nothing else, that SHOULD help with mileage some. As above, I attribute this to the engine not having to overcome the drag of the stock fan to run the same speed.

Like I said, this is a preliminary review. I know a bunch of guys have these (but I haven't seen a write-up), and a bunch of us just started getting them from the group-buy. I'll post more as anything comes up.
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Old 07-15-2006
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great review!! keep everyone up to date!
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Old 07-15-2006
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+1 i love my new fan.....I will buy again from Jusnes Modified...
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Old 07-15-2006
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ya think there will be a noticeable gain on the lima 4 cylinder? I seen the engine bays on the 2006s and they come with e-fans this was a 2.3L model it wasn't as loud either :)
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Old 07-15-2006
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was it a primary efan? ive seen other 2.3s with a secondary efan on the rad, but unless there is no mechanical fan, there is still power to be had. the fans we use are overkill for even a primary fan
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