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Old 04-22-2010
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94 ranger 4 banger, rebuild wont idle, SOS!

Ok guys heres the problem, hopefull u can help

94 2.3L 2WD, manual, 160,000 mi. no a/c no p/s.
motor was running weak, pinging, hardly gettin' up to speed on the freeways, so naturally it was time for a rebuild, found 3 cylinders where the head gasket was starting to blow out, went full rebuild, new pistons, crank polish etc etc, freshend it up. k, now 2 problems.

1.before i tore it down it was spewing oil from the front, thought lower crank seal, whatever, replaced them all throughout, now get it together and it looks like the cam shaft sprocket bolt that goes into the cam is spewing, everytime i run it fills my timing belt cover, not flooding but annoying as it eventually flings out over the rest of the motor, i even permatexed the bolt and put it back in, now its still leaking! what gives, mind you its NOT the cam seal but the actual bolt into the cam holding the sprocket on...is there a seal, or o-ring i missed????

2.once i had everything assembled, started it up, ran like a champ, ..until it came off fast idle it just sputters and lopes and runs eratic at idle, rich, rev it up and its perfect. Checked TPS, MAF, MAP all seem good..even replaced and swaped a few of these things, no vacuum leaks or anything, fresh plugs and wires, even swapped every wire and plug with extras i had,...initially thinking Computer, ? although one day it started up after tinkering with everything and it ran *****in', shut it off, got ready for test drive and wouldnt fire, had fuel pressure, and spark, and compression, cylinders were full of fuel so maybe crank timing sensor? im now on the hunt for the DIS ignition module, seems like firing eratic and out of time,(yes the timing belt is correct) what could it be?!?!

sorry for the lengthy first post, but background info was key, yes i already did the basics etc (vac, and coolant sensor ..) any help greatly appreciated
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Old 04-23-2010
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your timing is not set up properly
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Old 04-23-2010
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......................uh thanks.....
i can assure you it is, ive even advanced and retarded the cam a few teeth, had it running pretty swell but after time when it warms up it just wont idle smooth:/

anyways the DIS module in conjunction with the crank timing reference sensor is what fires the timing rt? so possibly one of those components has gone bad..??
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Old 04-26-2010
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what year is it
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Old 04-30-2010
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Read its a 94. All i had to do when i rebuild my 2.3 was wrap the cam bolt with Teflon tape and so far no leaks.
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