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Old 06-15-2012
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Misfire, Random ping, and black smoke

I made an earlier thread about my engine regarding the firing order. I sorted that out, and replaced the original factory coil pack that was sitting behind the power steering pump, along with all of the plug wires.

The truck runs better than it did, but it's still misfiring and now is black smoking out of the tailpipe. I can hear what sounds like a ping coming from one of the cylinders. I tried disconnecting the MAF sensor, but it didn't change the running condition much.

Any idea where I should begin looking next?
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Old 06-24-2012
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I havent gotten any replies, but It seems like Ive gotten a lot of readers, so I'm going to go ahead and update this thread.

I did a lot more reading about how the ignition system in the Lima works, and decided to rule out the Crank Position Sensor. It starts up far too easily for that. So that left either a bad coil pack out of the box, a stuck or bent valve (unlikely), or a bad ICM. I finagled the ICM out from behind the alternator and power steering pump, and AutoZone confirms it to be BAD.

Cheapest I found was on eBay for $89 and change. Cheaper than I could order at Walmart for $119, or from AutoZone at $139.

It should arrive here before Thursday, and hopefully my truck I rescued from the crusher for $300 in scrap value will be driving again.
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