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Old 12-10-2009
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BFG AT k/o vs General Grabber AT2

I have now had both tires.

For those of us who dont have ALOT of money to spend, but want a good overall, AT tire, you cant go wrong with the AT2's.

The 'go' traction in deep snow is decent, mud traction is good, and ice traction is well, better than the RTS tires.

The biggest thing that has stood out with the AT2 tires is the 'stop' traction in slush, light snow, and deep snow. When you step on the brake, the tires seriously dig in.... Better than the BFG's.

Now dont take this as a sign that you can drive faster in crappy conditions... its just something *I* have observed.

My AT2 tire was a 265/70/16 tire.... I believe load range D.

I put, about 3,500lbs of bricks in my truck last summer, and drove 70 miles home and didnt have any problems except driving up hill the whole way LOL.

Another thing, the cross section, of the tread, is a little bit rounded... meaning that unless you drop below 20PSI, your not getting full tread contact with the pavement unless you have weight in the bed. You can easily see this by driving thruogh fresh 1 in of snow.

The BFGs seem to be pretty much flat all the way acrossed and have full contact at 32PSI.

But then BFG's are also about $200 more.

I drove thruogh a small pond last spring, and dragged my friends jeep out of that small pond with my AT2's and it was exceptionally muddy, didnt have too much trouble. I think the only thing that would have made it 'better' would be mud tires.

Road noise was definitely a peg higher than the OEM tires but nothing 'noticable' I often drive around with no radio cause I like the peace and quite... the 4 lights on my light bar make more noise in the form of wind than the AT2 tires.

I also discovered that my ABS problems I had when the truck was new, went away after putting the AT2 tires on the truck...

Now the BFG's, since switching (their used) they seem to have better snow traction, ride better and over all the truck seems more 'planted' to the road way, not sure of the 'planting' has anything to do with the fact that they are over an inch wider than the AT2's... but just putting it out there.

Also, the BFG's dont spin hardly at all, in the rain or snow... I can certainly make the at2's spin...

Though hydroplaning with either tire is next to non existant.

My personal advice though, if you have the cash, spring for the BFG's, but if your on a budget get the AT2's both are good tires, though I feel the BFG's are slightly better... But the question is, are they worth the extra $200?

I only got the BFG's cause they were 'cheap' they are also used.

My AT2's also show signs of cupping even though they were rotated every 5,000 miles... though its a ford, cupping tires is normal lol
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Old 12-10-2009
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bfg at's suck, Id never buy another set
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Old 12-11-2009
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i had bfg ats on my dd 93 ranger and a work truck chevy 1 ton srw and loved them but thats just me they are NOT mts thats for sure but beat the procomp and mickey thompson atzs imo soon as i get done with school there replacing the cooper discoverers on my 03
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Old 12-11-2009
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I love em. I have had two sets on my ranger and have had two sets on my bronco. Smooth on the road, pretty good off road. Wear really nicely too.
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