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Oil Light and engine ticking noise

I have searched but haven't come up with much information for what I have.

2008 Ranger 4.0L 2wd 5spd

Yesterday morning it was -22F, I started my truck without problem, drove to work which is about 1-2 miles away, parked it and went to work.

When leaving work at the end of the day it was about 14F and the engine took awhile before starting and it had a ticking noise which looked like misfires to me until the rpms went down(now i know it was the same ticking sound I'm having), drove home and while parking i could hear the engine ticking really loud so i parked quickly and stopped the truck, while doing that I saw the oil light was on (was it on the whole time, i don't know).

I checked the oil level and it was on the bare limit, so i added some. And started the truck to see if it was ok, same problem. Ticks get louder with higher rpm. And the ticking is coming from the passenger side of the engine.

What can I do before getting it towed to the garage?

I'm really hoping it's not too bad because I justed changed the flywheel and starter not long ago before the teeths were chewed...
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You would have noticed the oil light if it was on, because you did notice it was on when it came on

Oil light on with engine running means oil pressure is below 5psi
With low pressure not enough oil is getting to the top of the engine so you will get valve train noise, the ticking.
Needs to be above 6psi

I would first change the oil filter, just the filter for now, then start engine to see if oil light goes off, may need to add more oil after filter fills up, so get an extra quart when you get the filter

The ticking means there IS low oil pressure, so not a faulty sender or gauge
Oil is needed to lube and cool the bearings in the engine so yes, if filter change doesn't fix it then you may need to have it towed to a shop that can ID the problem.
Driving it with oil light on will mean new or rebuilt engine will be needed.
Could be failing oil pump
failing pressure release valve on pump
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Thanks for the info, I got it towed today to the garage. I will ask them to check that first because it was due for any oil change soon anyways so that might be the problem.
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