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Old 07-24-2016
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Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor

I have 2002 2.3L 5 speed and want to replace the CHTS. It is right between spark plug 2 and 3 and it is down inside like the spark plugs with only the top cover of the wiring harness showing. I don't want to break it.

How can I remove the cap off the sensor? Do I need a screw driver and does it press in, down or what?

Pictures would be best. Thank you.

It doesn't start up and idle the way it used to. After a minute or so, it idles perfect. I already replaced Coil Pack, spark plugs, wires, Idle Air Control Module and Throttle Position Sensor. So I thought I would try the CHTS.
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Old 07-24-2016
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have you taken a individual cylinder compression test on your engine

1 or more cylinders may be low on compression
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Old 07-24-2016
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Welcome to the forum.

STOP replacing parts
90% of do it yourself replacement of sensors and controls were not needed, they were working fine.

Spark plugs and wires are fine to change.

If you want to spend some money then get an OBD2 reader/scanner, they work on ANY car or truck sold in North America from 1995 and up, so good long term investment.
The Bluetooth versions are under $25 and are used with any bluetooth smartphone or tablet as the display screen, they are wireless and can be used as live data scanners while driving which can be very helpful.

Now the computer is not smart, so codes are NOT to be taken literally, if a code definition mentions a sensor then that usually means the sensor is WORKING or computer wouldn't know there was a problem in that system.

Your description of the issue reads like you are losing fuel pressure when key/engine is off, not uncommon.
Try this
Turn key on and count to 3, turn key off
Repeat 3 times then try to start engine

Ford's setup only runs the fuel pump for 2 seconds each time key is turned on, that adds about 10-15psi of pressure to the system
Your 2002 runs at 65psi fuel pressure and when engine is off pressure should only drop to about 50psi and stay there for months, not hours or days........months
Once engine RPMs are above 400 fuel pump will come on full time

If you are losing fuel pressure when key is off then engine might not start first time or even second time and would struggle to stay running until fuel pressure got back up to above 45psi
Turning the key on and off 3 times would get pressure up so starting engine would be easier, if that is the problem.
So do the above test to see if it is the problem.

And just as a heads up, if the Coil pack, IAC valve or TPS was the problem the CEL(check engine light) would come on.
Coil would a feedback code
IAC would be a slow response code
TPS would be a does not match code

CHT is a simple temp device so would be an out of range code
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