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Old 09-05-2011
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2002 - Shut of @ Idle

Hey guys, gonna see if I can enlist your help and experience again.

2002 Ford Ranger Edge 3.0 V6. 125,xxx miles. Auto. Bone stock. 2wd.

Ok, the main issue my girlfriend is having with her truck is when she's sitting at a light at idle, the truck will sometimes start hesitating and sputtering, and a lot of times simply shut off. If she catches it early, she can pop it into neutral and give it some throttle to clear it up. Otherwise, it'll shut off. She can start it up right away just fine though. She says it happens more and more frequently recently. It only happened to me a few times while I was driving it. I believe it's idling normal though, but just for some reason it'll start doing that. I haven't noticed if after that, if it hesitates to accelerate, but I don't think it does.

Also, she's getting **** gas mileage now. You can almost watch the gas needle go down while driving. She's having to fill it up more frequently than normal, although she doesn't do any extra driving.

While you're driving, though, it doesn't give you any problems. It's usually when you're sitting still. Sometimes it'll do it right away when you're stopped, but most of the time it happens after a short few seconds to minutes after coming to a stop.

Check engine light is also on. I didn't take it to a dealer or AutoZone yet, but just so happens she was at a girlfriend's house whose boyfriend had a reader, so he used it and gave me these codes:


The only thing I have done since then was replace all three O2 sensors. No change. I tried cleaning the MAF sensor also.

Her dad is getting in on this and wants to replace the IAC, Spark Plugs, and Wires. Do you guys think that it's simply a sensor up front? Maybe even a throttle body? Should I also replace the MAF sensor itself?

Up until this the car had been running fine and getting decent gas mileage. Any tips and advice is greatly welcomed and appreciated. If you need any more info just ask and I'll se what I can do. I'll try and check back frequently today.

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Old 09-05-2011
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check for vacuum leaks. my 03 4.0 was doing the same thing. i changed plugs, o2's, maf, tps... you name it i replaced it. then i found a rubber elbow right under the upper radiator hose that had a big gash in it, put my thumb over the hole and instantly cleared up. made a new elbow and we're good as new.
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Old 09-05-2011
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Cool, will def. take my time and look around.
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If Dad is buying the parts...let him do it. many of us have been chasing issues like this, spending allot of money and not resolving the problem. It's best to take a methodical approach. Start with the codes and see where they lead you. If you are going to change parts do it based on information. I've changed allot of parts on my inherited Ranger but...always with logic. The problem has not been solved yet but...I found a leak on my EGR line to the exhaust. I got that code initially but could find nothing wrong with the valve. I'm betting that if I had stuck with that information all the way, I would have saved a few $$ but with 290K miles, many of the parts I changed needed replacement, some did not.

Your EGR could be bad. When it is bad...the truck will act exactly like you describe. Check/test the EGR valve and the line to the exhaust. It's easy to test.

YMMV...good luck !! Don't argue with dad, unless it's your money being spent. LOL

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