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Old 06-11-2012
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3.0 squaling and hard to get in gear

After about two hours of reading old threads on here I am finally going to ask for help, the search function isnt working so therefore I am asking for help.

I have an 00' 3.0 auto, 4wd that I just replaced my belt, because everytime it rained it would squeal really bad, So I bought a belt, put it on and about 4 days later now it squeals.. It would do the occasional squeal but nothing major until today it wont stop no matter what..

I believe it to be the tensioner pulley, BUT it is free and spins fine. I think it is a little off somehow because i can take my belt off and it is perfectly straight but with the belt on the belt it's self tends to "walk" a little on it.. Maybe a hair to each side...

I have read about the cam sync. Saw the recent thread about the how to replace it My question is would it be worth replacing over the pulley? I want to take the easiest route possible.. I dont understand really where the cam sync. is nor how hard it is to replace.. how hard is the tensioner pulley to replace? Threads with pictures would be GREAT!

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help..
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Old 06-11-2012
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When you do the belt, you need to put a new tensioner on, as well as idler pulley.

Replacing only one of the three parts (especially if the tensioner and idler pulley are original) will often fail to keep enough tension on the belt.

The spring inside the tensioner unit gets weak over time just like any other spring that is constantly under tension.

Since you said the noise pretty much went away after putting a new belt on, but then came back, I'd put a new tensioner on, and replace the idler pulley before tackling the cam synchro.

If any pulley wobbles side to side at all, you need to fix it. Check them all by grabbing them and wiggling them side to side. Make sure they spin true and straight. Also check that the bolt holding the tensioner pulley on the tensioner unit is tight... it may have worked its way loose.

Or find the cam synchro and add a couple drops of oil to lube the bushing up... if it goes away, there's your problem. Get a replacement lined up.

I think mine is on its way out as well... but it seems to have shut up since I added some Marvel's Mystery Oil in the oil change I did a month ago.

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Old 06-11-2012
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Thanks 96! All the pulleys spin Free, non wobble any from what I Remeber, I will take the belt off and check everything again, I can spray a little lube on it and it'll go away for a min then comes right back, it's acting like a loose belt so I bet your right on the tensioner is shot!

Since I don't understand the the cam synchro yet I'll try everything else
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