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2004 4x4 Ford Ranger Mileage


Old 08-28-2007
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2004 4x4 Ford Ranger Mileage

Since this keeps coming up and I've been keeping a log, below will be a link to the Excel File of my mileage log.

You'll notice some initial tweaking of the format in the beginning. As of 7/31/2006 I went to a format I like. I'm sure Colin (NHBubba) will chime in as he's doing something similar.


Vehicle: 2004 Ford Ranger FX4 Level II 5-speed manual transmission
Mileage when purchased: 2871
Configuration 1: OEM Stock
Configuration 2: overall vehicle stock, tires 33x10.50x15 BFG Mud-Terrains with 1 inch torsion bar crank
Configuration 3: RCD 5 inch torsion bar to coilover conversion kit, F31 Deaver leaf springs, 33x10.50x15 BFG Mud-Terrains

Shifting habits: If congested traffic (edit: and needing to pull out in a small gap), will power shift (taking 1st to 3500-4000 rpms before shifting)....to shifting through all gears as appropriate by speedlimit around 2000-2500. Basically I call upon power when needed and baby when I can.

To calculate my tire difference I use the formula ((33/31) X tripometer), and when gassing up I always top it off to what the automatic shutoff says tank is full.

The below xls file (Microsoft Excel) will remain active as long as possible and updated from time to time.

Mileage For 2004 Ford Ranger 4.0L 4x4 (Right click and do Save Target As [more dial-up friendly] or just click on the link to directly open)

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Old 08-29-2007
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Few more stats:

first 2 oil changes since getting truck were Castrol Syntec Blend 5W-30. 3rd oil change I shifted to full synthetic, using either Castrol Syntec or Mobil 1 5w-30 - whichever Wal-Mart happens to have in stock.

Oil Filter:
initially fram tough guard, but after doing some reading switched to purolator and then to PureONE (PL 24651).

Oil Changes:
approximately every 5-7k miles

Tire rotations:
every 5k miles, and kept at 30-35 PSI dependent upon driving

Air filter:
Fram Tough Guard (TGA 8243), changed every oil change

Spark plugs and wires:
changed from OEM at approx. 50k miles to Autolite AP 5143 and Professional Series wires 97051

Fuel Filter:
Purolator F65472, changed every 20k miles

AC use:
typically DON'T use AC unless on road trips. Windows up on long distance trips, windows down within city or at/below 45 mph. I only drive 1 mile to work.

Current mileage:
approx. 59,0000 miles +/- 100-200 miles, I think
Can't think of anything else for now.

Edit: bored, can't sleep, so I calculated my average MPG based upon the excel file.

As of 8/28/07 my AVERAGE MPG = 18.066081 mpg.

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Old 08-29-2007
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damn thats wayyyy better then me, that hurts my feelings. i bearly get 16.5 (mostly street) and im lucky to get 19 on the freeway.

very nice record though thanks.

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Old 08-29-2007
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i am doing the same thing. i have a pocket pc, so right as i am filling up i update the file. although, my spread sheet dosent show as much info.

mine has been from the day i got my truck. it is a 4.0 5 speed, 4X4
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Old 11-20-2007
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Hey, I know this is an old post but I wanted to let you know how helpful this was for me. I had an extra credit thing for my class where we were to write a journal and make an excel spread of our expenses on gas for a month. Your work is extremely organized and well done. Thanks for the help!

* Just in case you were wondering, I didn't copy your results, I just used it as a guide for helping me out
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Old 01-09-2008
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Sadly the guy I was mooching web-space off of seems to have dumped his site. My Excel spreadsheet template does not seem to be available on the web anymore.

I don't have my log-data w/ me as I was a bonehead and left my USB flash-drive at work. From memory, my 2003 FX4 LII 4.0L V6 w/ 5-speed manual started life sucking down between 14-17 MPG. That was w/ me driving like a testosterone filled teenager (read: driving like I wanted to!). I then moved out of town, in w/ my woman, and suddenly went from ~4 mile/day commute to a ~110 mile/day commute.

I slowed down. I now never-ever exceed 2000 RPM except in top gear and keep the cruise firmly locked in at 70 MPH sharp. My mileage increased to 18-21 MPG. I've pulled several consecutive tanks in the 20-21 MPG range in summer months.

..And then I turned around and bought myself a 2nd vehicle, a small sports-car equipped w/ a small, 1.8L I4 engine and a 5-speed manual. That gets 28-30 MPG driving like a crazed 20-something psychopath who's just discovered sports-cars.

All is well.
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Old 01-09-2008
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Kinda makes me miss my 4.0. Since winter hit, my gas mileage sucks. Only bout 20-22 mpg. Only reason i got a 4-banger and now thats gone too...
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Old 01-10-2008
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Do you have a manual trans? Have you tried short shifting the truck? You need to have some time on your hands.. I know my 4.0L is pretty darn slow when short-shifting. But the mileage payoff is pretty substantial.

I used to drive a 2.5L I4 XL Sport. Unfortunately I was young and dumb and never really *tried* to get good mileage out of it. I think my lifetime average was in the 24-26 MPG range. I often wonder what kind of mileage I could put down if I knew then what I know now..
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