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5R55E trans swap questions

Background; 2001 Ranger king cab 4x4 with 4.0l and automatic trans (5R55E)
I know ford threw the 5r55 trans in a lot of different vehicles. A lot of the explorers have them which are probably the most popular and easiest to find.
My questions are; What year models are compatible?
Will I be able to use a 5r55 from a 2 wheel drive?
Just how hard is it to pull this trans from the Ranger? (Im a pretty good wrench, just never dropped a Ranger tranny)

Any links to articles pertaining to this would be greatly appreciated
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Old 11-08-2014
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Here is a transmission ID page: Ford Ranger Automatic Transmission Identification

No, on the 2WD trans, a 4WD transmission will have a different tail shaft housing for the transfer case hook up, on a manual trans you can often just swap the tail shaft housings, but on an automatic you have to disassemble the trans to change it, basically rebuild it.

And you will need the trans to be from a 4.0l Ranger or Explorer, so the bell housing bolts match up, 4.0l OHV or SOHC won't matter as they have similar holes, I think the SOHC has one extra hole.

You need to support the back of the engine when you remove the transmission.
Make sure vehicle can't roll away, no PARK anymore, lol
Remove front and rear drive lines
Remove shifter cable and wiring
Remove starter motor
Remove inspection cover and unbolt torque converter from flexplate, you have to turn it to get all 4 bolts/nuts off, so no spark plugs is helpful
Remove support brackets
Transmission and transfer case come out as one unit
Take lots of pictures, they are basically free now-a-days, they can be very helpful when re-assembling

If this is your first automatic trans exchange this will save you ALOT OF MONEY and time
When it is time to re-install the transmission, you need to put the torque converter on the input shaft and then spin it while pushing in on it, it has prongs that need to line up with the front pump(main pump) inside the transmission.
You will feel and hear it click into place, there may be 2 or 3 clicks needed.
To check if it is all the way in put a straight edge across the bell housing, no part of the torque converter should touch the straight edge.

When you put the trans in place the bell housing should slide onto the dowels and be flush with the block, DO NOT use the bolts to force these together, or you will hear a BAD CLICK, the front pump breaking, because torque converter was not properly lined up.
Broke front pump mean full rebuild on trans and a new pump.

Once bell housing bolts are tight you should be able to spin torque converter to line up first bolt/nut to flexplate and spin engine to re-install the the other 3 bolts/nuts

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RonD thanks very much. You have answered in exactly the fashion I needed to know. Very thorough response!!
Your tranny ID page even let me know exactly what year models of rangers and explorers will work. Great info.

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