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Old 08-25-2015
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94 4.0L 5spd RWD Right side head head gasket #6 cyl

Hello everyone...

New to the site and I have a couple questions...

I purchased a 94 4.0 5spd rwd with 187k and did not know the head gasket was blown. paid a friend(part changer) if you will to look over the vehicle and I knew I would have to replace the 3 mounts(the 2 engine of which I cannot find anywhere-they don't match up) anyway, found out the radiator cap and and reservoir leaked, so I fixed it. Now come to find out the #6cyl is dead and coolant/water is draining out of the radiator but no leaks. I assume it is going into the #6-I pulled the plug and could smell coolant-I'm trying to borrow a boroscope. I guess my question is, is this worth getting into or should I get rid of it? The temp gauge has only gone slightly past halfway and havent driven it since. O2 sensor wires are also cut before the cat. I paid this dude $30 and I feel like I got some crap but everyone says if you replace the gasket(right side) and the mounts and sensors it will run perfect. I'm not sure what to do. I am on unemployment at the moment and don't have many $$ to spend. Any suggestions and how much you think I'm look to dump into this would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I'm replacing my head gaskets at the moment, and doing the work myself. My advice is to pay to have it done unless you already have all the tools and knowledge to do it yourself. If you do have the tools and knowledge, doing the job right will still take at least $250 for a good gasket set, new set of head bolts, tune up and fluid change. Plus replacing whatever bolts you happen to break off along the way. And that amount may change depending on what you find after you tear into it. You will also need to check the heads to see it they are warped or cracked and deal with that, and I would bet money that they are one or the other, if not both . That's if you want to do it right.
There is no way to do the job cheap and do it right. It's just not possible. Of course I guess that all depends on what your definition of cheap happens to be. Anyway, good luck on your project.
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Yes +1 ^^^

You will need to do both heads as the 4.0l OHV heads had a weak spot between the valve seats that would crack if engine overheated and since you don't know the history of the engine and it has a cylinder leak on #6 you can bet it was overheated, so both heads need to be checked.

Even if you do the work yourself you will be looking at $400 for parts and service to heads
But worthwhile since truck has alot lower valve with current condition.
My '94 4.0l is at 350k now and I did blow a hose and didn't pull over, drove it home, DUMB DUMB DUMB, lol.
Expensive lesson at 250k, but after replacing one head(cracked) and inspecting the other I have had 100k more miles without issues.

I have used Rislone Block Seal Head Gasket Fix to temporarily get by, used it on a few engines and it worked, but don't expect more than a few months.
Used it on a neighbors older(80's) Chevy V6 he drove it like that over a year before trans went and he scrapped the car, lol.
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