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Head installation 4.0 91 ranger ohv

The machine shop should have heads done next week with new castings because of cracks in old ones. I have a few questions before installing.
202,000 miles 4.0 ranger ohv

After head gaskets and heads are torqued to 44lbs book says to put the silicone that comes with the kit on the four corners where the heads and lower intake manifold meet, put the intake manifold gasket on and again put the silicone on. How far do you spread it up the head or between the heads?
The gasket kit said all the way between the heads and didn't mention putting it on under and over the gasket.

2..HOW TO CLEAN: (what to soak them in? or?)
The inside of the exhaust manifolds

The inside of the upper Intake manifold

The inside of the lower intake manifold

The inside of the fuel manifold

2. EXHAUST MANIFOLDS: Can I use anti seize compound on the exhaust manifold to heads bolts.
They only get torqued to 19 lbs so concerned they might rattle loose with the compound, but they were so rusted when I took them off one broke.

The Felpro gasket set comes with exh manifold gaskets and when I took the manifolds off they had not gaskets. Do you use the gaskets?
Should I replace those bolts, I need at least 2. Can I just get any bolts the same size and thread?

Can I use anti seize compound on the exhaust manifold to exhaust bolts.
Should I replace those?

Any other tips for assembly are appreciated.
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Old 05-07-2015
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I have done a few 4.0l OHV heads and I have always torqued down the heads completely before installing the intake, never had a problem with mine or others.

Yes use that black silicone at the 4 corners and then across from head to head at each end.
No, you don't have to go up the head
Put intake gasket on at that time, on top of the silicone, then install the intake and torque it down.

If you feel more comfortable doing it per Ford specs then do so, it certainly won't hurt anything or change anything as far as silicone placement.
There was an issue of the intake bolts loosening up over time, I think that is why this step was added, I haven't run into that issue before but I haven't worked on every years 4.0l

Just scrape of any old gasket material off the gasket surface areas, you don't need to clean inside the manifolds.
Hot tanking is probably the only way to clean them in any case.

Yes, use the exhaust manifold gaskets.
You can use anti-seize but it won't help, lol.
Exhaust bolts just expand and contract so much they get stuck over time
Nuts on the studs are flanged and oblong so they can't back off

You should use grade 8 replacement bolts on the manifold
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