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Old 01-29-2007
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cd player install & amp wiring pics, '91 xlt

I finally got some free time to work on the truck, so I took the time to install a CD player (thanks mike), re-run the wiring for the amp, get a +12 switched signal, organize the location of the tools, and map out where the sub is going to go.

First thing's first: empty the cab out, clean the stains, vacuum loose dirt and debris. I had already removed the factory rear speakers to gain space at a former date:

Name:  1-cleanright-1.jpg
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Size:  40.7 KB

Name:  2-cleanleft.jpg
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Size:  45.9 KB

The amp's power wire was run through a poked hole in the hood release grommet.

Name:  3-powerwirefirewall.jpg
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Size:  50.5 KB

Power wire run:

Name:  4-powerwirerun.jpg
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Size:  53.9 KB

I noticed some residual dampness underneath the carpet, so I played it safe, and wrapped the wires up with split loom. They stay protected, and the install remains clean and organized.

Name:  5-loom1.jpg
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Size:  80.2 KB

Sitting in the truck, you don't see anything because the wires were run underneath the carpet and exited behind the seat.

Name:  6-loomend.jpg
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Size:  52.6 KB

Mmm...clean wiring...

Name:  7-wiringdone.jpg
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Size:  39.0 KB

The amp remains tucked into the corner to leave space for the sub. The controls (gain, crossover, etc.) are on the left side (thus remain accessible); power and speaker terminals were on the right.

Name:  8-ampdone.jpg
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Size:  43.5 KB

The preamp wire was on the opposite side of the power wiring, so I made a slit in the carpeting so you see as little of it as possible.

Name:  9-preamphole.jpg
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Size:  52.8 KB

The wiring harness went together relatively easily, but I eventually want a +12 signal that turns off with the truck (for the fog/driving light relays), so I twisted an extra wire onto the deck/truck ignition connection and left the wire hanging below the dash. This way I don't have to cut into any other factory wiring for that signal and I won't have to remove the deck once I'm ready to do the extra lighting wiring.

Name:  11-dash2.jpg
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Size:  41.4 KB

The factory dash opening doesn't have mounts for the new deck, so I had to install the cage and side mounting brackets.

Name:  10-dash1.jpg
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Size:  55.6 KB


Name:  12-dash3.jpg
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Pic with everything back in the truck. Note that the sub (eu700) will go next to the amp.

Name:  14-done1.jpg
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Size:  45.2 KB

Another pic...the sub will be a 6.5" driver that only needs ~0.3 cubic feet, so I'm hoping to squeeze it in without losing any clicks on the driver's side seat.

Name:  15-done2.jpg
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Size:  48.1 KB

The ranger necessities crowd the passenger side. This truck will never have rear speakers as long as I own it. The space is better used for things I need. The only problem is that I'm running out of places to put things.

Name:  regcabspace.jpg
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Size:  42.2 KB

Future upgrades include:
-replacement of the 2-channel amp w' a 4-channel
-elemental designs components
-power the components off the front 2 channels of the amp, power the sub off the rear channels
-inline remote signal switch w' LED light (it has to be an LED...incandescent bulb lighted switches tend to burnout since the sub is on almost all the time)

More pics to come when the sub goes in.

Let me know what you think.

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Old 01-31-2007
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whoa, how'd you get the cd player mounted like that...mine doesn't fit like that
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Old 01-31-2007
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mines a 94...i guess that would explain that then huh haha
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