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Old 09-29-2008
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Originally Posted by THEDUSTCLOUD View Post

I hate a thief. I had a 96 Ranger I had up for sale on the side of a busy highway. THis truck was pretty decked out. I had 4" drop front and rear, raised tank, euro lights, roll pan, custom blue interior, ford mustang sun roof, alarm system, flip up DVD panel head unit with my amp bolted to the back of the cab like yours only aligned with the console. Also had subs but took them out while it was sitting for sale. Didn't bother with the amp cause they had a better chance of getting away with my motor than it. Anyways it sat there 3 days and 4 nights. I saw it twice a day. Going to work and coming home as I passed it and would stop to check on it everyday. Well the morning of th e 4th day I was late for work and was just going to take a quick glance instead of stop. Was getting closer and noticed the seat was push forward. Was looking from the drivers side. I knew something was wrong. Flew up to it, parked and apparently some ***hole busted out my passenger window, stole the head unit tore up the dash ripped up the carpet (who knows why) and tried there best to get the amp. It was still there but mangled up and broke. For some damn reason the alarm didn't go off on my truck. I was tempted to call the company and have them replace the merchandise due to a faulty product. A certifed tech installed it too. Long story short. Cops came took photos and such and searched the scene. They found a small bag of cocaine right below my truck with a street value of $350 approx. THey got away with a $250 head unit they probly sold cheap but lost about $350 worth of cocaine. hahaha boy did I feel some sweet revenge. In the end I sold the truck for $1200 just to get rid of it. Busted window in all. :(
I can't stand a thief. I hope the dude is caught who broke into your truck and strung up by his toe nails!
your telling me i used to be a commissioned (with gun) security guard and that was 5 years ago there making me want to go get my license again
they already broke into my truck once 1 1/2 years ago stole my head unit(6yrs old at the time) my camera bag with no camera (thank the higher power i didn't put it up yet) and a good phone i fixed the key whole were the used a screw driver to get in

well just 3 days ago i was in a store i happened to look out and see a car parked behind the truck at an angle i start running to the front of the store but the sped off the didn't break in yet thankfully

but this **** is getting bad i have values i work for my things just so these these as s hats can take them

im to the point that if i catch some one trying to break into a car (don't even care if its mine or not) im afraid i might kill the sob

edit: sorry i had to get that out by the way nice job i wish i had the time/money/skills to do that myself
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