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Old 08-03-2011
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Icon2 317k miles on a 2007! its super clean too! - AL

Old 08-03-2011
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That's crazy talk! For sure super clean for having 300k miles!
Old 08-03-2011
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317k on a 07!? My trucks 8 years older and has 129k lol
Old 08-03-2011
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That would be the perfect truck for a v8 swap if it was cheaper.
Old 08-03-2011
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Gotta love the south lol
Old 08-03-2011
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I wanna see cluster shots.
Old 08-03-2011
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thats alot of miles but its a really nice truck. my truck is 20 years old and only has 91,xxx miles on it.
Old 08-03-2011
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That's higher miles than our delivery truck at work and they run pretty much non-stop! Assuming it is a work vehicle that they drove 5 days a week then they'd put on over 300 miles every day.
Old 08-03-2011
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My 07 is at 120K and i thought that was alot. Damn!

Old 08-03-2011
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That's freekin crazy....
Gotta show this to all the honda **** at my work...
Old 08-04-2011
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seems like they are asking a lot for it still?

pictures can be deceiving though
Old 08-04-2011
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Wirelessly posted (Timberwolf)

That is just guitarded
Old 08-05-2011
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Originally Posted by zabeard View Post
seems like they are asking a lot for it still?

pictures can be deceiving though
Old 08-06-2011
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At the minimum that is 150 miles per day, 7 days a week for 5 years and 6 months.
165miles per day on a 5 day work week, no holidays off.
If he averaged 55 mph it would be little over 3 hours of driving per day.
if he did the average 3K mile oil change it has had over 100 oil changes.
That is an oil change every 18 days.
Average oil change from the store is 24.99, he has spent over $2500 in oil and filters at the least. Double that if a shop did it.
Using an average of 137.5 gallons of oil in this vehicles life. Or 3.27 barrels of oil.
Old 08-12-2011
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^^ but how much fuel lol
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