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08 sport 4x4 , 4x4 dash light stays

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08 sport 4x4 , 4x4 dash light stays

Anyone have this problem the dash light 4x4 stays on even though switch is turned to 2x2 and 4x4 is disingauged
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Welcome to the forum

First, does 4WD work, 4high and 4low?

There should be two 4x4 lights on dash, 4high and 4 low?
With key on there should be a bulb test, all dash lights should come on and then most will go off after the test, this tells driver if any bulbs are burnt out

The way the system works in 2001 to 2011 4WD rangers
There is a dash switch, a 4x4 module, and a shift motor on the transfer case

The shift motor has a Contact wheel inside with 5 wires, as the electric motor turns the transfer case shift rod, the contact wheel also turns with the rod, this is how the 4x4 module :"knows" the position of the shift rod/transfer case, so 4x4 module "knows" which direction to turn shift rod and when to stop it when its in 2WD, 4high or 4low

The switch on the dash is just 3 resistors, a different value resistor for each position, 2WD, 4high or 4low, the 4x4 module sends switch 5volts key on, if it gets back 4volts then if "knows" contact wheel should be in 2WD position and it checks that, and will move shift motor if is not
If you move the switch to 4high then voltage will change to 3volts, 4low 2volts
When 4x4 module gets the voltage change it activates shift motor and moves it in correct direction until contact wheel shows 4high, for example
4x4 module THEN turns on the 4high dash light
If you change the switch on dash to 2WD, 4x4 module activates shift motor and waits for contact wheel to show 2WD and THEN turns off 4high light
If the shift motor doesn't move or the contact wheel doesn't change then 4x4 module will FLASH the 4x4 lights in the dash to let driver know there is a problem

In 2004 Rangers got the HEC dash, Hybrid Electronic Cluster
This is microprocessor controlled, mini computer inside the dash instrument cluster

In 2003 and earlier Rangers the 4x4 lights in the dash got 12volts with key on and then the 4x4 module GROUNDED each dash 4x4 light to turn it on
It looks to be the same in 2008 although I can't be sure.

So 4x4 light that's always on could be failing 4x4 module, a wire shorted to ground or HEC cluster issue

Testing HEC cluster here:

Easy to do and some like to play with it, lol.

Gauge sweeps are cool :)

I would think the 4x4 module would FLASH the 4WD lights if it was a shift motor or contact wheel issue, and you said its not in 4WD, so 4x4 module doesn't "think" anything is wrong

So that would make me think either wire is shorted to ground or HEC cluster is the issue
A wire thats shorted to ground should be detected by 4x4 module, because it expects to see 12volt on that wire when key is on, voltage passing thru the light bulb in dash to the module, but maybe it doesn't have that type of detection on that circuit, really wouldn't need it 99.9% of the time, lol.

The 4x4 module is behind the Radio in 2004 and up Rangers

Now because of the HEC dash you could try a reset
Unhook either battery cable for 5 minutes or longer
This clears any KAM(keep alive memory's) in all the computers and modules, and Radio, lol
So when powered back up they will load factory programming and start with clean slate, you will need to program clock and radio presets again
Idle may also wander a bit as computer relearns IAC Valve settings
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Thanks for all the info I'll try the Unhook batery option I don't have truck home right know.
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