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Old 12-18-2010
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I'm not gonna lecture you like everyone else about how stupid of a decision it was. What's done is done and as far as I'm concerned the only person that was "hurt" or damaged by this was you. All I can hope is that you learned your lesson. When you get back on the road and all the repercussions have passed and all the legal and suspension stuff is over, and 0you come to the same situation where you have to make a choice to get in your vehicle after consuming alcohol you continue to make the right choice and never drink and drive.
Old 12-18-2010
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luckily for you nobody was hurt. hopefully you learn a lesson.

good luck with going to court. it definitely won't be cheap.

are you of age?
Old 12-18-2010
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Before this gets locked up....

Originally Posted by ranger024x4 View Post
i dont think so cuz he said he has never been to court before.
Good point. If he had done this before, he surely would have seen a judge already.

Originally Posted by Redneckstone View Post
yes its fine for now besides the OP being a moron
WAS being a moron.... key word: was

Originally Posted by The SuperDookie Ranger View Post
Damn, **** happens buddy, People make stupid mistakes. I'm not ganna be an ******* to ya, but you can't be doing that stupid ****. Think before you act. I'v been in trouble with the law and it's not fun or worth it. Take your punishment and learn from the **** you have been through. That was a dumbass decision, but your fine in my book if you take this and learn not to make stupid decisions like this. Your lucky you didn't kill anyone.

And you all need to chill out, No one has sympathy for people who drink and drive, but you don't have to rip him like he is a piece of ****, I'm sure he knows what he did was stupid.
I wanna see if you change your tune when you personally know someone that was killed by a drunk driver. Drunk driving and suicide are the two topics that I have no room for anything else but being serious.

(don't you just HATE IT when bad stuff happens to a good sentence? I had that last one all structured out in my mind, but as soon as I typed it, I'm thinking "I'm pretty sure this ain't gonna make any sense. lol)

Originally Posted by kiltro View Post
Relax dudes!!! He said "a couple of beers". A couple of beers won't necessarily impair you from driving. There is a reason a sobriety teest/breathalizer is administered. Otherwise everyone who admits having a beer to a cop would end up in jail.
I'm not on OP's side, nor am I justifying him either, but all you suckers should know all the facts before flapping your mouth and flaming him. I'm sure most of you have gotten behind the wheel with at least one beer in you before.
I have never taken a drink nor will I ever. Alcohol impairs a person's reactions/judgement/etc... I've never understood the point of getting shytfaced just because you want to.

Originally Posted by Sonic04Edge View Post
It doesn't matter the amount he had because different amounts effect people differently. A couple of beers COULD put him over the limit. Consuming ANY amount of alcohol and driving is just retarded period!

Originally Posted by 04yz250 View Post
no one is saying their saints, but whats bothering most of us or at least me is the fact that the op is more concerned with losing his license than the fact he did anything wrong, it doesnt sound like he understands that what he has done was wrong and couldve been alot worse

^^^ This too.

Originally Posted by HAZZARDJOHN View Post
Since he was impaired by the alcohol he drank I would say he did something wrong. Whether it was a whole keg or a sip, he stated that the beer was the main factor and he was arrested so it is safe to say he was Driving under the influence. He could have killed someone or maybe even worse injured someone in a way they would have to suffer for the rest of their lives. This makes his decision stupid. I hope he gets punished greatly and when he does get behind the wheel again he thinks about his decision. He could have posted the same story and said "Man I was a bonehead and I could have killed the guy I hit! This was a big wake up call it will never happen again." and I would have supported him. Instead he was whining about how much this is going to cost HIM, what the police did to HIM, what the court might do to HIM. Not cool in my book.

My advice to the OP, Grow up, think about what you did, and what you could have done. take it like a man, and when you come out on the other side make a change. Quit drinking if you have too, call a cab, a rickshaw or a sled dog team if you can't get a buddy to drive you.


Originally Posted by wyldechild View Post
Right when you think some members can't get any dumber...they go and post something like this. If it were me, i'd be way to embarassed to post what happened.
^^^^ And this.
If I did something stupid and I realized how stupid it was, I sure as hell NOT posting all about it online.

Originally Posted by 93rangerXLT4x4 View Post
i hope it gets locked too. gonna call ICBC and get them to take a look at my truck and see what they figure its worth. im not looking sympathy, i deserved what happened, i am a little nervous about court though as i've never had this happen before.

my boss's brother got pulled over for drinking and driving and had to go to court also and all he got was his license taken away for 3 months.

i saw the vehicle coming towards me and i wasnt really going that fast, under the speed limit, but i hit the brakes and tried to swerve but damn.... hmmmmmm.................. i had the driver's side of the truck on yellow line but i guess i didnt swerve enough... shoulda stayed home!!!
No... you should have decided NOT TO DRINK AND DRIVE.
Old 12-18-2010
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Okay, I think the OP gets the point. He's already hinted that he wants the thread closed so... Closed.
Closed Thread

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