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Old 11-08-2004
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well i got my chip a couple weeks ago from Doug and i could feel more power from the "butt" dyno, BUT now i have some numbers for you all to chew on.

My friend (with a Gen 1 Lightning) has a g-meter. This is an electronic device the suctions to the windshield and measures 0-60mph times, 1/4 mile times, 60ft times...etc. To give you guys a scale of the meter's accuracy: According to the G-meter my friend's Lightning ran a consistant 14.0 secs in the 1/4 mile. When he went to the track a few weeks later he ran a 13.9 secs in the 1/4mi and his finishing speed only differed by one mile per hour...So you can assume that this meter is surprisingly accurate on 1/4 mile times.

STOCK SPECS: 4.0sohc auto EDGE, extended cab, 3.55LS.
Now for my numbers on the g-meter (* all numbers are with same 2 people in the truck, approximately 1/4 tank of gasoline, spare tire in and tailgate up):

*Stock with track bars and power braking:
--> Best and consistant time --- 15.60 secs @88mph
--> 0-60mph --- 7.20secs

*Stock, trac bars, airbox mod w/ K&N and Power braking:
--> Best Times --- 15.55 secs @88mph
--- 15.50 secs @88mph
--> 0-60mph --- 7.20secs

*Stock, trac bars, airbox mod w/ K&N, and Bamachip on 91 octane performance setting, no power braking!:
--> Best Time --- 15.35 secs @90mph
--> 0-60mph --- 7.00secs

EDIT**Ive realized that the fact that the chip took 2 tenths off my 0-60mph tells me that my stock exhaust is being very resrtictive in 3rd and 4th gear. I gained all my time in first and second gear because as soon as the rmps got high i couldnt flow out all the air i was taking in. So it is my assumption that i will have much more gain in the top end after i replace my stock exhaust and my times should drop another 2 tenths or so. I will post new numbers after i get an exhaust.

Before the Bamachip my tires had little to no spin on take off even while power braking (i think i owe that to the trac bars), but when i ran the 15.35s time i was not power breaking because my tires spin like a mother if i do, And on that run even without power breaking my tires still spun quite a bit while easing into the throttle (i.e. not stomping the gas as hard/fast as i could).
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Old 11-11-2004
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Interesting that if traction is more of a problem now, and your short times improved the most, then you should probably look into a new exhaust and meats. (Like this is ground breaking news... :)) But it's good to see an actual documented improvement on such modifications.

Also you should try putting your mods and vehicle info into your signature, that'll help everyone know what you got going on....
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