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Old 02-10-2009
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ooops! yes wimp.
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Old 02-11-2009
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"Threatens national heritage" WTF!!?? This guys spends too much time finding knot holes in trees........

Sounds like he was the kid everyone beat the hell out of in HS. Now he feels he has some ounce of power. He needs to be dragged around by "thrillcraft".

What a douche!!!!
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Old 02-11-2009
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that video pissed me off b4 class and i was only 5 mins into it. These people don't know the enjoyment of driving off road nor do they understand the skills. I liked the comment about fat people in America during the summer when i ride my ATV i sweat me *** off and sometimes im sore the next day from riding hard. They have probably next ridden or driven a "thrillcraft" I'm going to take this info to my local ATV dealers and to Apple Hill 4x4 next weekend just so they make sure they know about this, and try and get more people to sign the petition i was number 2997 that's not enough that numbers needs to be in the 100k range. In pa there is only one place to off road and the average person cant afford to go there every weekend. I also liked the comment about peoples income wtf does that matter. the off road parks are places where people can go and not give a **** how much money you make. For some people its the vacation they work for all year because its the thing that there family works for all year long. The off road community doesnt care if you make 10k a year or if you make 100k a year it doesn't matter.

In my life i vow to try and buy a large plot of land and start and off road park in pa that the average person can afford and wont get in trouble for doing something they love. once i graduate college im going to start saving to buy a few plots of property hopefully something around 600 acres in total for make something that people can have fun with. Im tired of not being able to do something i love. That is my dream at least im tired of being put down for something i love and being told im wrong for doing it.
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Old 02-11-2009
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i cant stand people like this and the sad part is its what most of america is turning into is people that care for the environment... who cares about it its been fine for thousands of years and now you have all these tree huggin democrats who drive priuses (spelling) and try to take care of our earth, for instence our oil supply running out? B.S. its not running out anytime soon and if these people would stop caring so much we could start drilling for more oil here in the states but why aret we? oh thats right we have a democrat for a president who does not support this becasue its going to hurt the environment. i say grow a pair and get over it. and this whole global warming thing i think is all a big scam too and since i live in california im surrounded by idiots who support all of this nonsense its hard to deal with it too. bad enough that the sierra club is slowly closing down the dunes in pismo well its been said plenty of times but ill say it again... go fly this bird sierra club
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Old 02-11-2009
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Originally Posted by TheStig88 View Post
makes me want to go punch every Prius driver i see (except my mom)

makes me want to punch your mom
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Old 02-11-2009
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P eople
E ating
T asty
A nimals

What a crock of $h!t
what do they all want us to do sit around and get fat and annoying like them lol
screw that i hate tree huggers epically when one comes in my house and is offended by the 6 white tale deer 1 Elk 1 Caribou 2 ducks and 1 antelope and 2 turkeys and a squirrel plus my doe that will be going in my living room when its done and their like eww your so mean for killing all of those animals i feel like their looking at me and im like that's not even all of them lol they need to get over them selves

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Old 02-11-2009
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what a p*$$y
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