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Old 01-11-2006
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Lighting question <cough> redneckstone <cough>

I plan on adding lights in the future and i was going to buy the 4 bar set from Jusnes Modified and had question about lights. 1 should i buy 4 of the same or have 2 spot and 2 flood? I was thinking of doing 2 driving and 2 long range but wantd to know how to where to put what? Should i do driving-long range-long range-driving or long rang-driving-driving-long range? I know that I will have to buy a heavy duty kit for it and i will prob not buy them all at the same time just wanted to be prepared so that i didnt have to buy 2 wiring kits.

I was thinking of going with pro comps . sorry dont have the funds for KC.
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Old 01-11-2006
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when you put 4 in the same area, that close together, alot of the time they will over lap and you'll have paid for 4 lights, but only getting the benefit of 2...

the way that i did it on our f250, was i put some long ranges in the middle, and some driving on the sides...

that way, depending on the application, length of beam needed, etc... i could flip on whichever worked best...

but if you were going to do 4 of the same, i would vote for all driving... but you are looking at that overlapping factor, to an extent..

or you could throw the long range in the middle, driving on the side.. whatever you feel will work best for your application...

on my ranger, i have 4 long range, on the roof, and 2 driving on the grille guard.

driving is going to give you a wider, shorter beam...

long range, is going to be more narrow, but longer...

and remember to watch out for what your switches are rated for. remember that Watts / Volts = Amps

so, if you have four 150 watt lights, that's going to be 600/12, which is 50. if you have em on two switches, that'll be 25 per switch. most switches are not rated for that high, so you are going to need relays, probably...

someone that knows more about it all can post on it...

i have enough knowledge on it to fiddle w/ it myself, and look for answers online.. but i am not proficient in these terms, etc... like many others are...

i know this: too much current, not big enough wire/relays/switches = truck burning down... but you won't run your lights 99.9999999% of the time, so you won't be at that much risk...

remember, those lights will not be legal on road, and you may have to have them covered until you get offroad... look into your state's laws.
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Old 01-11-2006
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like christian is saying the best way with lights that close is run 2 driving and 2 long range lights 100% the best way. best of both worlds.

and i would say keep saving your $ and get some KC's get what you want the first time and all KC lights come WITH wiring harness and switches so no problems on having to do calculations on what kind of switches you need.

btw use this thread its has alot of good info for ya

and personally run 2 switches just like if you got the wiring kit from KC. you will find needs just for wanting JUST the driving on OR just the long range on. becuase if you flip on all of them with long range and driving and you want to see something up close you can get a "wash out" from the long range it will be two BRIGHT white dots on what your trying to look at and gets annoying personally...then you will find times for all of them and just flip the two switches no big deal.

anymore questions just ask
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