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Old 04-25-2005
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List of problems. Very long story.

**If you don't want to read through the entire thing I listed the problems at the bottom**

This day has been Hell for my truck and I. We were off of school today and I wanted to go finalize my decisions for an exhaust. I had the flowmaster part number (425432) which is a 2.5 single in and dual 2.25 out. the first shop quoted me at 500 so I just sorta crapped on that idea. I was quoted for about 300 at a place close to home but wanted to see what the bigger named places were offering. So on to the next shop. But wait, I can't find the place. I wrote down the wrong address and ended up just driving around and wasting gas . I headed back to Toys for Trucks hoping they could get the tips and muffler cheap so I could get it installed for about 175 or so where I was originally going to go. I got there and the guy looked for nearly 30 minutes on the part. He finally said he couldn't find it and pulled out the new Flowmaster magazine. He said the part might have been discontinued and they didn't update the site. So then I went home and got the internet print out and headed to another place that I know stocks flowmaster mufflers. On start up at my house though a big puff of black smoke came out of the pipe. I thought nothing of it though. I went to the next shop with the REAL address. On the highway there I noticed a metallic clicking noise. I thought it might be the O/D so I took it out and I could still hear it above the engine noise at 3k rpm. Went back into overdrive and continued on. I got to the shop and the guy said the same thing, the part was discontinued early this year and he couldn't find it anywhere. He then quoted me for about 525 on a cat back system and I nearly dropped a load in my pants. So I walked out chuckling and then drove to the place I was originally going to get it installed. I went through town to see if that noise came back but it didn't. So I narrowed it down to only happening from about 55-65 mph. The guy who has always been nice to me said 350 but couldn't find the part either. He said he'd get a delta flow on and if I didn't like it he'd swap it real quick to a magnaflow for 50 bucks extra. So I said okay and went on home. Then tonight I went to my gf's to help her with some hw and then go to subway. All the time driving I noticed my truck surging here and there. I had a big problem with the vacuum system back in december because my former dealership put the engine together wrong when they replaced the original timing chain tensioner. So I thought it was happening again. Then tonight as I was driving home the truck smelled funny, sorta like dull rotten eggs with mayo stentch. Our area usually smells from the paper mills but not like this.

I'll be bringing in the truck again this week. My dad has been considering trading it in now though. After the warranty is up if this keeps happening I'm going to be in big trouble. I thought maybe the truck was just neglected and once the parts were replaced the stuff would go away but it doesn't seem that way. Could be a short and sad ending to my love for Ford if this truck falls through....

** Summary**

Things needing look at:
-Black smoke on start up
-Clicking noise at 55-65 mph
-Timing chain noise is getting really loud again (replaced once already)
-Surging in power (Supposidly a vacuum leak that was taken care of)
-Funny smells from exhaust

The smoke, clicking and exhaust smell I think may be from a bad cat. But the truck hasn't shot out a CEL yet. We'll see what else happens though.
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