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Old 03-21-2014
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Parking Brake Cables Frozen Up

I had a problem with the parking brake cables not releasing and it cooked the brakes. The rear brakes were due service anyway so I installed new shoes, hardware, adjuster and drums. Driver side went easy enough but the passenger side was giving me fits trying to get the shoes to seat until it finally dawned on me the parking brake cable was still stuck as if the parking brake was applied - which is wasn't. I removed the cable and the shoes seated fine.

My options now are to replace both rear brake cables, which I dread, or disconnecting the cables entirely so I can drive to the dealer and have them replaced. Rebuilding brakes is something I can handle easily, but at my age, and without a car lift, I don't look forward to squirming around on my back under the truck doing cables. This shouldn't be a problem should it?
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Old 03-21-2014
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There is one cable from e-brake pedal that runs to the drivers side frame rail.
It attaches to an "equalizer"
Then from equalizer there is one cable to each rear brake housing.

The passenger side cable runs from equalizer to axle then across top of axle to rear brake housing.

It reads like only this one cable is stuck and usually it is rusted at one end.
Often you can disconnect cable at both ends spray Silicone Lube or similar in to ends then apply pressure to either end and free up the cable, once it starts moving spray more lube in and slide cable back and forth so the lube can displace any water still inside.

Yes, you can drive the truck without E-brake cable(s) attached
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Old 03-21-2014
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Thank you Ron. I will try to free the cables up tomorrow but I just wanted someone to agree that I could drive it without the E-brake cables attached in case I have to. I wrestled with this job all day but I'll have a fresh go at it tomorrow.
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Old 03-30-2014
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EBrake Cables

Had same problem. Drums off, new shoes on, new hardware/springs installed, passenger side drum Would Not Go On. Finally spotted the EBrake cable that hadn't retracted all the way! Got it to retract, put all back together, truck became usable again. Just didn't use EBrake till replacement cable to that wheel arrived and was installed.

Yes there's some crawling around to remove/install the new cable. I removed spare tire from under, jacked the back up high, supported it with stands, and then had "lots of room" to crawl around by the rear axle till job done.

No fun undoing the new brakes to replace cable. Also had trouble disconnecting things at the equalizer junction till I just pulled the cable back toward rear tire to loosen it. It pulled back and stayed loose for me, perhaps it was supposed to pull back forward when I let go? It stayed so I finished the install. Working fine enough to park on my incline driveway now!
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