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Old 04-25-2011
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How-To: Install OEM Factory Cruise Control

How-To: Install Oem Factory Cruise Control

Note:: I have a 5-speed manual and now it has cruise control, how neat is that.

Please remember safety first and especially when dealing with electronics of any kind. Always disconnect your battery. I and RF will not be responsible for any misdoings and shall not be held liable in the case you decide to do this procedure.

Items needed:

1- Electronic servo unit (this unit is to be mounted on the passenger side under the hood).

2- Complete donor steering wheel and column with cruise control modules already integrated. (No need to grab the shaft that extends to the engine bay).

3- Optional: Complete ranger dash with wiring harness; complete engine harness (again these are optional and this mod can still be done, but may require extensive wiring and relays)…. Personally, I have taken my basic ranger and added all oem upgrades without having to go aftermarket; which I don’t prefer. Hey, but to each his own. ☺

1: First disconnect your negative battery cable.

2: Disconnect 7 switches below the dash (steering wheel) I would love to name all the switches, but I could not tell you.

3: Disconnect the steering column at the shaft (1-bolt, pay close attention as you will see that this bolt has had loctite applied and be sure to apply more loctite when re-installing) and also remove 4 nuts holding the steering column to the dash (the bolts are integrated in the dash).


4: Now here is where you will have to remove parts from your old steering wheel and transfer them to the new steering wheel (read very carefully).

5: First take off the black steering wheel cover. held together by 3 screws (Phillip head).

6: Turn your ignition with key in place to the (run) position, than take a tiny pointed screwdriver and push it into the hole right beneath the ignition cylinder. With a little wiggle the tumbler will come out.

7: Now remove the ring and module (this may have something to do with the pats system or having to do with your pats recognizing the key). Anyways go ahead and take it off as it has a switch attached to it.

8: Okay now it’s time to transfer your original parts to the donor wheel, notice the end of the switch, they have different switches, works the same, but it wont match up to your dash switch, so that why the transfer of both the ignition switch and the module are important. Be sure to install in reverse but first repeat the same steps as above to taking the cover off the donors wheel, remover all components as in procedure above and remove and install original parts. WALLA! Your system will now recognize your keys.

9: Re-install wheel and steering assembly, connect all switches and be sure that everything is properly connected 3 x over, especially your steering shaft (you don’t want to drive on a highway and all of a sudden your wheel is pointing one way and your vehicle is going the other).

10: Reconnect battery and start vehicle, your cruise pods should light up; however as “Rwenzing/N3ELZ" has stated, there are some years where these pods do not light up; however on N3ELZ cardomain, he has a write-up that explains how to add led.

11: Go for a ride and do it in a very light traffic area. I did mine just before sunset so that I could see the pod lights better. At a speed of 35-40mph I push the on button and than pushed done on the RSM button to activate the cruise control.

Note: Another benefit is that when installing the donor dash, I was able to reap the benefit of getting auto down on the driver side.

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Old 10-29-2012
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Will this work with a 2.3l ? just wondering if it makes any difference on the engine cause i asume the new harness would have to match the engine size and i dont know if they ever made a 2.3 with a factory crusie or did they ?
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