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How-To: Undercoat Your Wheel Wells

How-To author: brianjwilson

Original thread:

Let the modding Begin!!


Today I undercoated the rear wheel-wells on my 2006 F150. The white underneath stood out like a soar thumb, the paint was chipped pretty badly and some surface rust had started to develop.

Supplies needed:
2-3 cans of rubberized undercoating, I used 3M at $8-10 per can (approx 1 per wheel well depending on how thick you want applications).
1 roll painters tape.
Plenty of newspaper, plastic, or magazines.
Alcohol or some other cleaning agent.
I did not go through the trouble of sanding the areas I applied the undercoating, though it is recommended. I test sprayed an area months ago and it seems to be holding up well without sanding.

Here is how the truck looked before.

I began by driving the truck up on two ramps, on opposite corners. This gave me plenty of room to work, though simply removing a wheel would have been better (I don't have jack stands). If you remove a wheel, support the truck from the frame using jack stands.

I first cleaned the areas to be sprayed using rubbing alcohol. I could have cleaned better as you can see.

I then taped the inside edge of the wheel wells.

Then taped paper to the wheel wells and wrapped it around to the outside. I placed paper over parts of the frame that I did not wish to tape, as well as the shocks.

More paper to catch over spray. This would have been much easier with newspaper!

Then I put cardboard in front of the wheel and over the tire. This stuff sprays on pretty thick so I'm not worried about much over spray.

Now spray away! It is important to keep the can moving at all times when spraying as it was glob up if you hold it in one spot (ask me how I know). Also, you should wear something to protect your eyes and something over your nose/mouth. Start with even sweeping motions (10-12" from surface if possible) and keep working it on. Stop and shake the can frequently otherwise you will end up with half of a can that you can not use (again, ask how I know).
Try to hit everything from different angles to cover the back side as much as possible. When spraying from inside the wheel well outward, I used a piece of cardboard to prevent spraying undercoating outside of the wheel well and possibly on the paint.

Let it sit for a while and get some fresh air. Come back and look for spots that you missed or didn't cover well and re-spray them. After you are satisfied, remove the tape and paper, let dry for atleast 1 hour.

This is what the can looks like. Notice the blobs in the spray, it is still wet, most of that will go away.

And some more of the end result. Keep in mind it was still wet as I took these pictures, it has sense blended together more evenly.

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