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The Cursed Ranger

This is my intro and i have a question tied too it also, my question is what brought me here so if someone wants to direct me elsewhere thats okay.

Hello all! Here is a brief introduction. This story begins in 2008 a year out of high school. It was time for a new vehicle and this was my first experience purchasing a vehicle from a dealership. A family friend who worked at a local Subaru dealer had a beautiful 2000 Ford Ranger XLT 3.0L Flex V6 Automatic transmission in their inventory. I loved it and purchased her that day. she is Burgundy sparkles like a fishing boat has a 3 inch lift with 32in BF Goodrich all-terrains. I had a warranty that would last me till I got to 145k miles. the truck ran just fine for that entire time! I didn’t really have any issues with it. She did lack power. but as far as I knew that was normal. she now has sat in various places around MN while I decide what I’m going to do with her…

At about 145,200 miles (200 miles after my warranty was up) I began having overheating issues. turned out I had somehow cracked the head and I had a complete F-ing mess all over the place… after getting that replace she drove to where she is at now. 148k miles in my driveway. I noticed I began to have issues with my gears, Id start my truck and go to pull out of my driveway in reverse then shift into drive to pull away and the engine would just rev. like I missed the gear when I would shift. sometimes i could play around with the shifter and get it to pop into gear other times it would just slam into gear and jump forward like i had just been rear ended… I knew this was a problem but didn’t have the money to get it looked at and it didn’t happen all the time so I kinda put it off for a while. then one morning I pulled out in reverse like i always do put it into drive and hit the gas… and nothin… and thats how its been since… Reverse is fine neutral works as it should, Drive won’t move me forward at all until about 3000 rpms in which it will just inch me forward, I get a little more power in “2” or “1” but not much more. In fact just enough power to get the truck back up into the parking spot… I have replaced the Transmission filter and fluid with the proper fluids… I’ve been told it could be my speed sensor/abs sensor by some people but others have said no your tranny is shot…

If any of you could shed some light on my situation id greatly appreciate it. I need a flat bed to tow it so thats kept me from bringing it in. and I’m more of a DIYer anyways . I’m sorry if this isn’t in the right forum or if someone has already posted a similar issue I would appreciate a link if any of you veterans know of one but I’ve done a fair amount of research and haven’t been directed here.

Thanks and I look forward to getting this truck pumping again!
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2000 3.0l would be the last year of the 4R44E trans in Rangers, not a "bad" trans but did have some issues.

Unfortunately I think it will need to be replaced/rebuilt.
The forward clutch was slipping and is now almost gone.
Drain the fluid and you will find metal flakes.

Because you have a 4x4 if you decide on a used trans it needs to be from a 4x4.

These all used the 4R44E trans:
1995-2000 4-Cylinder & 3.0L Rangers (2001 w/2.5L) (1995-1996 Explorer w/4.0L)

There are some "in truck" fixes for the 4R44E but I don't think those would help you at this point.
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