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Old 03-25-2010
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Originally Posted by cmc474 View Post
Why do you say this? Because it's a Chevy?

I have to say that almost every car, including a "crappy car" that isn't old handles better the a Ranger.
it has nothing to do with the fact that it is a chevy, i will admit, i don't like chevy's as a group, but that doesn't mean i label everything right off the bat, based on brand... i hate nissan, i hate nissan 10x more than chevy, but i would own a titan before any chev truck, because i think they are better looking, their numbers are more appealing, and they come from an import company, which historically has had better fuel economy at high mileage... i do hate the colarado and canyon though, they are ugly, and as far as i am concerned, are not a truck...

Originally Posted by bonez View Post
i understand this is a site for ranger enthusiasts, but you dont need to bash everything non-ford. I love my Ranger, and i support Fords, but dont **** on something just cuz its a chev..or a dodge..the ranger is a joke compared to any other compact truck. period. i mean style wise, the truck hasnt changed in years. performance wise...its just not there. the same engine thats in my 2.3L is in the ford fusion...good to know my "truck" has the same engine as a gutless 4cyl car. The 4.0L is great, but if im gonna spend that much on gas, i'd rather buy a 150. The Colorado in general is a nice truck, in my opinion, but thats just my opinion, my point to this is, dont bash everything just cuz its not a Ford Ranger. Ya just sound like a idiot in doing so.
i assume this is directed at me... read above

Originally Posted by 99ranger4x4 View Post
sooo you're saying a Ranger is worse than an S-10? get the **** out.

and as for the dakota... i would love to own an older dakota, the body style before the current... i think the new ones are ugly, but the older, with a full 4 door cab and a v8 is very appealing to me...
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Old 03-25-2010
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Looks like he opened a APC catalog and said yes please
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Old 04-05-2010
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I love all this Ford vs Chevy bickering.. Anyone who thinks one is solely better than the other is just naive.
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Old 04-05-2010
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you think thats bad the next time i see this jeep cherokee that rides around here i will take a pic. it will make this look good...
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Old 04-07-2010
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I used to be a Ford Fan Boy until I was able to pickup a Ram 1500 truck pretty cheap, God do they drive better then any Ford I've ever driven..

As soon as my payments are done on my Ranger, I'll prob. get a Ram, Dakota, Colorado, or Silverado.

IMHO, Ford just hasn't done enough to upgrade the Ranger after all these years and the newer F-150's are just freakin UGLY...

Taco's, Tundra's, and Titans look good... I just couldn't see myself buying a foreign truck..
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Old 04-07-2010
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all vehicle manufactures are equally crappy

except nissan I LOVE nissan
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