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Old 10-02-2014
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Truck wont turn over (randomly)

2.3L 1993

Few times in last couple of weeks, truck would not turn over (battery fine, starter is cranking, but nothing).

First time I got a jump, started up fine. Runs and starts fine for 2 weeks, then yesterday same thing, come out of bank, and wont turn over. I had cleaned battery terminals, checked all cables and all is good.

I could not start with a jump this time, and had truck towed to my mechanic at Firestone. They got a chance to start looking at it this morning, and started right up for them. (they cannot get it to not start to troubleshoot now).

Going ahead and changing out Fuel Filter, and getting new Spark Plugs in since its due anyways.

Can anyone think of what might be causing it not to start from time to time like this? (Only thing I can think of, is electrical cables are fouled or dirty)
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Old 10-02-2014
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Could also be a short in the ignition switch or an issue with the lock cylinder
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Old 10-06-2014
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Starter Solenoid

Same issue here. 94, 2.3L, manual. Did the ignition lock cylinder. Problem continued. Replaced starter solenoid & problem went away...for a few months. I have a new battery now, clean, and new cables and it still acts up. Towed to mechanic the other day, and it started right up after it was off the tow truck. Very irritating.
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Old 10-06-2014
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Just to eliminate 1/2 the possible problems, carry a can of starting fluid(ether).
When you have a no start, pull off brake booster hose or PVC hose which ever is easier, and spray some ether into the intake then replace hose.
Now try to start.
If it fires then dies you have a fuel problem.
If it doesn't fire then you have a spark problem.

If its a fuel problem then next time there is a no start turn key off then on again and listen for the fuel pump, it should come on for 2 seconds then go off, it is loud enough to hear if you listen for it, try this when truck is starting so you know what to listen for.
No fuel pump could be fuel pump relay going out or the fuel pump itself.

If no spark then on the 2.3l the most likely intermittent issue is the ICM(ignition control module), these seem to fail on these engines.
CKP(crank position) sensor failing will cause a no start but these are not intermittent failures, they either work or they don't, but wiring to these can get water inside so could be an issue.

But do the 50/50 test to save you time and money
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