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Old 12-11-2010
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Moog upper control arm - K80052 and K80054 - are these greaseable or not?


I have a 2003 Ford Ranger 2wd with coil suspension. I got some Firestone Destination LE's put on it a couple weeks ago, and the tech checked the alignment to let me know if it was out of spec.

Anyways, he told me that the passenger (RH) upper ball joint was bad, and for $300 they could install a new one. I told them to hold off, looked into it, and found I could do this easily myself for much cheaper.

So I ordered a Moog upper control arm + ball joint, part # K80052 for the passenger's side and K80054 for the driver's side from RockAuto.

They arrived today, and I immediately noticed that the passenger side is greasable (what I wanted) but the driver's side isn't - does this sound wrong? Looking at other websites, including Moog's, I'm not so sure that the passenger side part that I received is supposed to be greasable anyways.

So I'm confused, I emailed RockAuto. But can anyone on here shed some light on these parts, and help me determine if one of the parts I received is incorrect.

Here's the instructions I used for the install on the passenger side, really helpful. In the vid, he's using a Moog part and it's greaseable, so not sure what's right lol.

I'm holding off on installing the driver's side until I get this figured out.
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Old 12-11-2010
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That's the correct part numbers, but I don't know if they are both supposed to be greasable since I had a 4x4. Summit Racing lists them both as being greasable though.

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Old 12-13-2010
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Good lead on Summit Racing. I sent them a question because their picture for part K80054 clearly shows a grease insert. Just want confirmation that it has one, because they have a disclaimer on the picture stating that actual part may vary.

The response I got from Rock Auto regarding the lack of grease insert on one of the parts, was:

"Moog, like many after-market companies likely made a design change to this part in recent years, in that they likely went from a non-greasable design control arm to a greasable version. Since they go by the same part number we have no way to distinguish one from the other in our system. So although they may look slightly different aesthetically in design, these controls arms should work just fine on your vehicle."

While that's nice to know that both parts will fit and function fine, there is a big difference between whether you can grease the ball joint or not. If you can, then the ball joint is basically good for life and you have peace of mind (provided you grease it regularly). If not, then who knows how long you have. Yea I can do the wiggle tests and inspections I suppose, but those are pretty subjective tests.

I'm going to wait and see what Summit says, if they confirm theirs are greaseable, then I will return the Rock Auto one. If they say it's luck of the draw, then I may just keep the one I have.

EDIT: Updating for future searchers. :)

I received a response from Summit, saying that the part they sell does not have a grease insert (even thought their picture shows one). I've contacted Moog as well, hoping to get clarification on the issue. My theory is that the old ones had the grease insert, at some point they've updated the part and removed it. Doing a search on Moog's website for K80052 or 54 will get you a description and a picture. No grease insert shown for either part in their pictures.

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