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Old 12-06-2017
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Any known problems with fuel pick up tubes on these trucks?

I bought a 2008 2.3L manual Ranger 3 weeks ago with 123,500 miles on it. I've driven it about 500 miles without a hiccup until a couple days ago on a trip. I pulled out from a stop sign and while going through the gears it started skipping then quit for a couple miles until I came to a stop light. At the light it was missing badly, luckily there was a gas station that I turned off into and pulled up to a pump with the motor barely running, skipping severely.

I checked under the hood, all fluids good, nothing smoking and motor temp showed normal. I filled up and it took a couple of tries to start the engine which ran rough for a minute or so then straightened out and ran fine. I've driven it about 50 miles since with no further issues. I'm thinking there may be an issue with my fuel pick up tube inside the tank that allowed it to run out of fuel before the tank was empty. The gas gauge showed 1/3 left and I topped the tank off with 10.9 gallons which I believe the tank is a 16 gallon tank.

Anyone had such a problem or know of a common issue like this with these trucks?

I didn't get the chance to check any codes before the CEL cleared its self. I'm sure it set many misfire codes but was hoping to get it checked to see if any informative codes had generated.
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Old 12-06-2017
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No, no real issues with that.
And you would be more likely to notice that type of issue when cornering and then engine would cut out briefly as gasoline sloshed to one side

If I am at 1/8 or under, when I go around a sharp right hand uphill corner I can get it to cut out for a second or 2, but I think thats the pick up sucking air briefly.

It is possible it is sucking air if lift tube has a hole, pump sits at the bottom of tank, so keep that in mind when cornering when under 1/2 tank, see if it cuts out then comes back after a few seconds.

Fuel pumps are cooled by the gasoline in the tank, so at lower fuel levels pump may heat up and run poorly, shouldn't happen but might be a sign that pump is failing.
really just guessing at this point

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To add to what RonD said above: The coil packs on these 2.3's are known to crack and cause misfires, stumbles, bucking or etc. And it could also be a Camshaft or Crankshaft position sensor. All of which will throw a code. I'd say if it happens again, try to get the code read. Or maybe have it read now to see if there are any stored codes.
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I checked for stored codes once I got back from my trip and even though the CEL had gone out I still had one stored code a P2195 which my reader said "O2 sensor signal biased/stuck lean bank 1 sensor 1". This sounds like something that would occur when running out of fuel but maybe for other reasons as well.

I'm going to run the truck down to the same fuel level again and see if the same thing happens again. It's ran a couple hundred miles flawlessly since that occurrence. I'm getting pretty close to 1/3 tank of gas again. I'll be sure to have a filled 5 gallon gas can with me as I'm expecting the same result.
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