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Old 07-03-2008
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2001 3.0 v6 Non Flex

Ok so this problem ive had for a while, its been intermittent and not really a big deal until now.

I just got back from a two hour drive, and the entire time, under 3/4 throttle to WOT, it sounded like shredding metal, or shards of metal being tossed around in a jar really fast...basically shredding metal is the best description.

I went through a basic process of elmination, mind you im not mechanical genius, ive had this problem in an old Pontiac Bonneville ive had. The water pump died on it. Now if it were the water pump, why would it only sound like shredding metal during times when i floor it to get up to speed?

Ive read a lot about the cam syncro problem...is this my 3.0 on its last leg? haha.

If it were sticky valves or lifters wouldnt it be "shredding" all the time? If its the timing belt, why would it only sound like this under WOT? Why not all the time?

Keep in mind that the truck idles fine, getting up to about 2500rpms is fine. After 2500rpms is when the problem starts.

My dad told me that i have a rock band shredding underneath my hood haha...some help he is!

Any input is appreciated as i am too busy to take my truck to a mechanic to get an opinion. Im decently mechanically inclined and should this be easy enough, id attempt it myself.
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Old 07-03-2008
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Let the truck sit overnight so it's cold.
Remove the serpentine belt.
Start it up (You'll get a BAT indicator)
You'll have about 10 minuites to drive it to check to see if it still make any noise.
Just keep an eye on the temperature guage.If it rises above halfway ,pull over and put the belt back on.
If the noise is gone , that narrows the problem down to anything belt related (alternator , PS pump,waterpump,AC compressor)
Also you have timing chains , not a belt.
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Old 07-03-2008
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From what you described, it sounds like pinging, or pre-ignition. To confirm this, try a tank of premium gas, and if the problem gets some better, then you will know the noise is from pinging. I noticed you have been running a K&N filter, they are known for passing dirt and oil, and will contaminate your MAF sensor. A dirty MAF sensor will cause a lean condition, resulting in pinging. Clean your MAF sensor, and re-install the OEM paper filter, and airbox.

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Old 07-03-2008
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sounds like a pinging issue.. i had the same problem in my 3.0... just i never bothered with it.
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Old 07-03-2008
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Thanks guys! Ill try a premium tank of gas first with a clean MAF sensor I suppose. Appreciate it!
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