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Old 05-05-2015
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truck won't start if gas is added

Whenever I add gas to the truck, it just sits and cranks for about twenty seconds before finally starting. If I pump the gas pedal or let the key sit on the accessory setting, it reduces the cranking time, but the engine still won't just start up.

I have taken off just the fuel cap, and replaced it, and this doesn't happen. The truck starts right up every other time than when I have added gas.

Sometimes on hot days I get a slight gassy smell from the fuel filler area, which quickly dissipates. I don't know if this is related or not, but figured it was worth adding.

My guess is that there is a loss of pressure somewhere, but that's just a guess, anyone have any ideas?
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Old 05-05-2015
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Check fuel filler neck hose for hole.
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Old 05-05-2015
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I would get/rent a fuel pressure gauge and test if fuel is leaking out.

There is a schrader valve(tire air valve) on the injector fuel rail used for test pressure.

2001 should have 65-70psi pressure when running, pressure should stay above 50psi with engine off, for a few months, but if it stays above that an hour then you are good.

For quick tests.
Ford computers run the fuel pump for only 2 seconds each time key is turned on, fuel pump won't come on again until engine starts(RPMs above 500)

To see if system is leaking pressure, try turning on key, then count to 3, turn off key, repeat this 3 more times, then try to start engine, leave your foot OFF the gas pedal.
If it starts normally then yes you have a pressure issue

Next test, is to see if injector is leaking, do the above key on, key off, 3 times, but this time before starting push gas pedal to the floor and hold it down, this turns OFF fuel injectors, it is called Clear Flooded Engine Routine
1. Key on
2. gas pedal to the floor
This turns off fuel injectors, as soon as you release the gas pedal injectors will start working

If engine fires at all when you foot is to the floor then engine is getting gas from somewhere, and it shouldn't be, so you have a leaking injector, and if you were to "add gas to intake" you would have a very flooded engine so it would start until all the gas was cleared out

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Old 05-10-2015
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I have run through your test Ron, the truck started right up after the first one, and just cranked but wouldn't turn over in the second test. I haven't had time to try to check the pressure with a gauge (college finals week), but off the top of your head do you have any ideas where to start looking for the leak?
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