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Old 12-09-2015
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So, looking online and I can't find out if 98 or 2000 explorer 4x4 4.0 Ohv will bolt up to my ranger 4.0 ohv without Mods. I have a couple good prices for the two but I would love to know if its direct swap; engine mounts, tranny, wiring, etc. Easier the better. My Ranger is a 99 so I'm def looking for exact motor between 98-2000 only. Explorers 98-2000 4.0 OHV (vin "x")are all I've found.
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Any 4.0l OHV from 1990 to 2000 with be a direct swap.
You do want to use your '99 intake(upper and lower) to match '99 wiring harness and fuel pressure, and use your CPS/cam syncronizer to match '99 computer.

Explorers got 4.0l SOHC in 1997 as an option, but 4.0l OHV was stock, so they had BOTH for a few years.
Rangers had 4.0l OHV thru 2000.
2001 and up would have 4.0l SOHC

Recommended things to do when engine is out.
Oil pan gasket, for year of engine, not year of Ranger
Rear Main seal
(oil pumps tend to last in the 4.0l, but...........up to you really)

On reassembly
New intake gaskets and valve cover gaskets
new thermostat, flush heater core

CPS/Cam Syncronizer; Ford switch from a 3 wire to a 2 wire CPS in the late '90's, they are not interchangeable, computer made for 2 wire can't "see" 3 wire, and visa versa.
Either will fit the 4.0l OHV engine, that part didn't change
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Old 12-10-2015
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Thanks again for helping. When I looked online there were 4 options of 4.0 OHV. Some motors have an egr and high or low emissions. Will any of this make a difference to what I select? Also, did they change motor mounts placing throughout the years. I definitely did not expect to see that I could use so many different years.
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Old 05-09-2016
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Originally Posted by Tomhannock View Post
Could it be manifold (IMRC) or sensor that controls runner flaps? Icant find any info for the 4.0. Also I read it could be Caron buildup. That doesn't seem right. It knocks at high rpm and sometimes it's quiet at idle.

My truck is really acting up too and it's such a weird situation. I own a 99 ranger 4.0 OHV 5 Speed and it apperently likes to make a knocking sound above 1500 RPMs when the engine is Warm. It's only when I rev it quickly in neutral. Now I know this engine doesn't rev high at all so that's why I have never pushed it. When I say I rev it its up to maybe 2500 RPMs. Now, the other thing is if I were to add very little oil to the top of the engine, the noise goes away for a little bit. I have discovered a oil pan leak and a cracked harmonic balancer/Pulley and also have recently got a "bank 1 and 2 are lean" check engine light code a few weeks ago. Both mechanics I went to say it's a rod knock but they can't explain why it's not there when it's cold, and goes away when I add very little oil. I personally believe it's lack of oil pressure to push oil up to the top of the engine. I'm still trying to figure this out. Let me know if any of you guys experienced this mistery issue. (5.0 coming soon becuase of it)
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