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Old 02-01-2005
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Watch it! My GF's father drives a Miata.. Well, he's got a old POS Chevy S-10 that the town owns (he works for the town) and he drives around most days, but the Miata is the weekend car. It's a 25th anniversary edition or something like that. Fawking sweeet! I got to drive it around the block one afternoon while he tried out my bike. Really pretty smooth, especially for a four-banger. I dug the 6-speed.. and you can't beat a soft top on a warm, sunny day.

My uncle runs in SCCA rallys locally. The Miatas clean up in their bracket every weekend. I'm told w/ just a set of rims and some good rubber they handle like they're on rails..

Back in the day they were the A#1 primo pocket rocket. I think they were introduced at under $10k or something like that. Had performance and style to rival the big, flashy makes from Europe and so were a relative steal!

Don't knock 'em! I'd drive one in a heartbeat.. at least as a summer car..

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Old 02-01-2005
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My aunt has one and she is divorced.
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Old 02-01-2005
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lol... my mom has a 95... it drives really good but its small and I look fruty drivin it

its a 95 M edition
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Old 02-01-2005
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Na this MazdaSpeed Miata will be the miata of the future and looks more "manly".

Mazda's sports-car revival, beginning with this year's RX-8 and the possible return of the RX-7, culminates with a new Miata expected in 2006. While the two-seat sportster will be only slightly larger than the current model, there's speculation the Miata will share its platform with the RX-8. More likely, the connection will be limited to some component sharing.


One unusual feature of the '06 Miata is the convertible roof, which, we're told, is a manually raised and lowered metal top. Whereas the old BMW Z3 often was criticized for being an overpriced Miata, the new Z4 distances itself from the affordable Japanese alternative. However, Mazda also is rumored to be considering a new lightweight V-6 as an option for the Miata (also known as the MX-5 and Eunos in other markets). A V-6 could keep it within striking distance of the Bimmer's performance.

The front end of the new Miata retains the current car's flavor, while it's growing in size slightly to accommodate taller drivers. The car's tail will sport a connection to the new RX-8.

Now the V-6 information is wrong, my source said they are thinking of making a Mazdaspeed with the New RX-7 engine in it. also i got they years wrong these are 2006 models.

Heres the link so you can look at some Drawings, the article i seen has pics

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