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turbo answers

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turbo answers

so i've noticed a lot of questions about turboing on here...this was a reply to a pm i got about turboing a ranger..this is based on the 2.9 v6 but can really be used in any situation just adapt accordingly to your motor...turbo's and setups are really simple to understand once you get how they work...this is not exactly a how to but its more of a rough guide on how to get some boost...just remember that you have to know what your internals can handle and use that accordingly to figure out how much power youre shooting to make based on modifications. exhaust and intake are a must have, along with something like an aic or a piggy back to add more fuel, hell the best way for a ranger hands down is to megasquirt it with some 440cc green top injectors from a police interceptor or a lightining. anyway here's what i said to him and if you have more questions about it just pm me.

ok..the only thing i couldnt find on the 2.9 was the compression ratio, however assuming its 9 to 1 or less i came up with this...
2 custom exhaust manifolds
t3/t4 turbo's
manual boost controller
blitz or turbo xs blow off valve
dual in single out intercooler
piping and couplers
exhaust tubing

heres what i was gonna do, run a remote oil filter set up and tap the line (it pressurizes) to feed oil into the turbo's, another option would be to tap a line that runs alongside the block or run a seperate oil tank of about 4 quarts with an electric pump on a switch, then run the return lines back to the pan. thats all you need for plumbing unless you get oil and water cooled then you'd have to tap either the radiator or put in hard piping (better result) and tap one of the pipes.

mount the turbo's to the manifolds, you can make your own manifold if you know how to weld by basically cutting off the flange's that bolt to the head flipping the rest of it upside down and rewelding it on then making an adapter plate for the flange to go onto the turbo. however you'll run into clearance issues with this if youre trying to conceal it under the hood, to have them side mounted (like a 2.3 turbo) you'd have to have them custom made. you can also mount them underneath where the pipes connect but theres not a whole lotta room there and theres no place for heat to escape, plus it makes piping it harder.

you can either do a fmic and cut a section out of your bumper for flow, or do a v mount on it, or use 2 top mount intercoolers from an svo mustang or tbird turbo coupe. but remember you have to collect it into 1 pipe to go into the intake manifold.

after all of that is mounted youre ready to run your piping, youre best bet is to just buy some random bends and straight pipes and piece it together yourself, it runs a couple hundred on ebay for universal piping with couplers and clamps but i would highly reccomend having it welded.

after the piping its you just have to rework the exhaust, i was gonna do dual 3 inch straights with a side exit. add a manual boost controller to each turbo, it'll make it easier to tune it cuz you can adjust them individually. tap a blow off valve into the piping right before the throttle body and run the bypass hose into one of the vaccume lines on the intake manifold, either run a t fitting or cap off the other side.

now the turbo part is basically complete. onto the fuel system.

easiest set up is to run some 440cc green top injectors off of a crown vic, lightining, cobra, etc. they came factory on a lot of fords and are easy to come by. now for a controller you can go with a piggy back set up such as the greddy emanage. the easier way to do it is to use the turbo xs dtec fc, it utilizes a game boy advance sp. it splices into the factory harness at the ecu and you can control your boost, monitor other parameters, and control and tune your injectors.

as far as an intake goes i'd get 2 of the dual filter set ups on ebay (about $30 each) and just run them under the bumper or a place where you can get a lot of fresh air.

after that just drive and tune til you get it right and you should be good to go. i hope this helps let me know if you have any other questions.

heres some more to add to that...

dont forget that adding boost also means you gotta figure something out with your ignition system so you dont get ping, again megasquirt 2 would be great because it can also control spark. theres companies out there that make a timing retarder to cut back on pre-ignition. honestly in my opinion the best way to have a turbo ranger would be to do the 2.3t swap from a svo stang or a tbird turbocoupe, the bottom ends are damn near bullit proof and the motor was made to perform.

hope this helps some of you guys out.
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