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Old 08-16-2007
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Rich, I agree with you. I am one of the few that know how to drive without it, but my point simply was that disconnecting it in the event of an accident can get you into

Oh, and I do remember that. Its sad really...
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Old 08-16-2007
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Legally I suppose that's true. But then again preventing the *crash* to begin with has it's merrits.

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Old 08-16-2007
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The day i disabled ABS i came with in about 5ft of rear ending someone on slushy roads at about 20mph. I steppped on the break a long way back, and as i got closer applied slightly more pressure. at which point abs kicked on and released the brakes completely. At that point i had no brakes. I immediately thru the truck into '1' and turned to the right, jumped the curb, and stopped in the soft ground/grassy area infront of wendys. Had i 'stayed the course' and 'let abs do its thing' I would have rear ended the person. For a period of about a block i had no brakes at all. and the truck did not stop. My quick thinking, and always looking for a 'way out' avoided the collison. that day i disabled my ABS. that was feb of 05.

Because I grew up driving vehicals with out abs, I learned how to properly break in sticky situations. My first vehical was a 1977 E350 cargo van loaded with 14,000lbs of equipment. It got a whopping 4mpg and had a 30 gallon tank. My second car that I drove, was a 1985 camaro z28 with tune port injection, again, no abs, with WIDE tires. You get that car in 3inches of snow and it doesnt move. In the rain its almost as bad. I learned how to drive on that car.

After that, I bought my moms car, a 1993 Mazda 626 LX, again, no abs. I drove everywhere in that car, and in 3 years I put some 70K miles on it. The car was also a money pit as far as distributors and transmissions go. At that point we had bought a 1995 E350 cargo van which is empty, weighin in at 8000lbs even. that truck two has no abs.

I have NEVER EVER had a problem stopping in ANY kind of weather. Ever! I have NEVER ended up in a ditch, and I have never been in super hairy situations due to the fact that i could brake. I geuss its because I learned early on, with the camaro about how to brake properly.

Then comes the ranger with its 'fancy abs' lets see, ABS kicks on in the rain. Abs kicks on if im on grass. ABS kicks on if i back up and then turn (like someone elses stated) ABS kicks on under NORMAL braking in wet weather. Hell abs kicks on if you hit the brakes kinda hard on dry pavement.

Let me be the first to tell you the total loss of control feeling you get when your in the midst of a major collison because you step on the brake pedal and you dont slow down because some mechanical thing says your not allowed to use the brakes. Lemme be the first to tell ya I have almost **** my pants with in the first 6 month of owning the ranger abouyt3-5x a week because of abs. My truck has been to every ford dealer with in 50 miles due to the abs. and they all say its fine. ABS sucks in the ranger. my ranger WILL NOT stop. I disabled the abs BECAUSE it would not stop.

heres another one.

my truck was 3months old. and I was coming home from work in november, it was raining. Just al ight rain, it had been raining for about an hour or so. Any ways, I come up on a stop sign doing about 20, step on the break to stop, not hard breaking at all, and abs kicks on. Its a DAMN good thing no one was coming because i never stopped for the stop sign. Why? because abs removed ME the driver from the equation. No brakes. THATS scary. ABS in the ranger is an accident waiting to happen, and just for your information, I told my adjuster my truck has no abs.

Also, I had an 05 F150 crewcab for a week while my truck was in for tranny work. I drove the crap out of that truck, and only 2x did the abs come on in that truck. and both times was cause i was trying to make it come on. and it was NOTHING like the total 'designed to kill u' abs like whats in my ranger.

you all can preach what you want about the abs in your vehicals, but those of us who know how to drive and brake properly, know that the abs in our rangers is nothing more than an accident waiting to happen. Like I said, I have had more close calls thanks to abs, than I have in the over 200,000 miles i have driven with out abs. It wasnt until I had the ranger did i ever have a problem with braking, and thats with driving in snow, rain, sleet ice, u name it.
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Old 08-16-2007
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Originally Posted by l2en
ABS is for ppl who never bothered/too lazy/too uninterested to know how to actually use their brakes. I still pump my brake and I have abs if that tells you anything.(pointless)

It's a dummy device, plain and simple. One more thing to help you think less
Same here. I still pump my brakes. When I know I'm going to stop, clutch goes in, brake gets pumped, clutch is let out, brakes get pumped again till a stop happens.

ABS sucks IMO and I would rather lock my brakes in some instances then not stop at all due to piston to pad actions.

Contrare to popular belief, locking ones wheels momentarily CAN be used to help direct a vehical AWAY from an accident.
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Old 08-16-2007
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mine ever since i lifted my truck have been messed up..its usually on a sharp turn like into a parking spot...when im breaking it makes a really bad grinding sound and i can also feel it in the pedal..oh and my ABS light comes on quite often.
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Old 08-16-2007
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back on track here people, chris i'll be home saturday night after 6 and all day sunday till 4ish. i'll bring the scanner home and we can see what going on with your truck.

i'm only gonna say this once, ABS saves lives!

all who dissagree are idiots!
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Old 08-16-2007
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Originally Posted by FMD
The day i disabled ABS i came with in about 5ft of rear ending someone on slushy roads at about 20mph.
and your problem is bolded in the quote above....doesn't matter if you have ABS or not in snow/rain/sleet/hail/ice nothing is going to stop you as fast as on dry pavement.....and being the "experienced/know all" driver you say you are, you should have known that...
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Old 08-16-2007
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i agree with you maurice. everyone as responsable drivers should be in control over there car/truck at all times, ABS or not.

sounds like people who disslike ABS are just not good drivers at all.

look at F1 drivers, there cars are completley computer controled, how do you think they would drive without traction control/ABS, after all it is the same system!
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Old 08-16-2007
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I only have Rear ABS in my truck and I wish I had 4 wheel because if the road is wet and I brake relatively hard, I lose steering. I don't really see the point of rear abs since I still lose control in these types of situations.
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