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Old 07-10-2005
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I bought a Ranger because I LIKE the close-quarters feel of the truck. It's much more nimble, easy to park, store, and the fill-up at the pump doesn't hurt as bad.

I feel like I'm stretching when I drive my brother's F-150.....
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Old 07-10-2005
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Originally Posted by jdm03edge
$20,000 for a new ranger? THat is ridiculous. my buddy got an '04 Ford f150 xlt 4X4 for 18,500 last november brand new. It has power and everything. I say wait a couple months until the dealerships are trying to make room for '06's before paying 20 grand for a ranger. I'm paying 11 for mine and think it is too much. There's about 20 different vehicles i'd spend 20 grand on. But if you like the truck and dont mind the price tag go for it.
Pizza Delivery = F150 = Too Much Gas

Gas Last Month in the Mazda $231.00 for the month
F150 would be double that probably

im going to repeat myself get a f150 for 20,000 instead of a ranger, bigger engine bigger period.. your wasting your money on a little ranger when you could have a big sweet truck for the same ammount of money...
Read above statement please, you keep referring to BIGGER are you lacking somewhere?

eXtremePC My bro just got an 05 Sonic Blue STX, 3.0L V6, Manual, 3.73, cd player, awesome interior for $13,000 the other day.
Manual Tranny, 3.0, STX see any difference in this post and the one I made above? I have the 3.0 now and it sux when under a load the 4.0 will be enough and still provide me with decent gas mileage.

LILBLUE04FX4L2 are you planning on ordering the truck?
it may be hard to find all those options especially leather on a lot
Well the leather is not a necessity, it would be nice but there is a Green one not far from me that has everything listed minus leather but with the bucket seats, the price is $400 different.

To everyone else thanks for the positive feedback. (John Moorehead, Gay-briel, dave01978, SoundPer4mance, LILBLUE04FX4L2)
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Old 07-11-2005
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Originally Posted by Wowak
You can get a 4.0 with a 2wd, but only with an automatic.
Sorry Charlie.. er Brian :)

Actually, You can get a 4.0 with either a big cab or 4x4. What is very rare is a 4.0 in a regular cab ( Fleet Vehical only ).

I was FORCED to get a big cab modle even tho I didn't want it :(

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Old 07-11-2005
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Originally Posted by 92 Ranger
hmm well that could be possible but, it makes a bit more sence spending 2 figures on a f150 then on a little ranger..
An F150 won't fint into my backyard between the houses. It Might not fit into my garage.

I move a couple of amps, some drums.. nothing heavy.. a piece of furniture once in a while.

An f150 sucks down the same gas as my truck, and theres not an F150 made that will corner or hang with me PERIOD!

An F150 wouldn't fit my needs. Too big for my prefrences. If I wanted Bigger I would get a 70's Caddy Elder and make that F150 get out of my way, lifted or not :)

To each their own mate.
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Old 07-11-2005
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Some of the mentality on here reminds me of my neighbors....there are like 20 f250's and 2500 rams, chebbys around here and I swear only 20% actually have a reason for them. Everyone just wants the cool big truck
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Old 07-11-2005
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Don't get me started on the number of 4X4 trucks and SUV's that have the most pristine paint jobs imaginable.

Ranger vs. F-150, Both have their pro's and cons. I just know that my stock 4.0l was beating lightly modded f-150's (exhaust, K&N's, etc) at the local eighth mile track. They may get me off the line with some extra torque, but they all get reeled in by HP/Weight.
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Old 07-11-2005
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well i forgot you did pizza delivery and i promise im not lacking anywere:) but i still think that 20 is a bit steep, but you spend your money the way you like and D your last sentence in your post is one of the best ive heard in a long time thank you sir...
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Old 07-11-2005
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when i totalled my last ranger and went shopping for a new one last year in july, i was looking at getting an 01 ranger for about 12k. my dad and i were having such a hard time finding a perfect one (we are both extremely picky) so after a month of daily searching, he started trying to convince me to get a 99 - 01 f150. priced about the same. what he didnt understand was that one of the reasons i like rangers is BECAUSE of their size. I don't tow $h!t, so aside from just being bigger, there wasnt really much that an f150 could offer me over the ranger. (aside from how 'cool' id feel with such a big truck... since bigger is always cooler. hah ;o)

...ended up finding an 03 that was listed wrong, made the dealership honor the deal, so i ended up with my 03 for about $13200 before tax/lic.
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Old 07-12-2005
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You can get a dealer installed supercharger on the 3.0 STX
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